The REAL Heroes And Villains Revealed!

The REAL Heroes And Villains Revealed!

In the video we reveal who made our heroes and villains Christmas list for 2022.

The shirts –

Written by WeAreChange

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  1. Merry Christmas, Luke! 🎄⛄ I always tune in but this was a great "naughty & nice" segment. I watched as I was sitting in my car slamming a Red Bull, preparing to take my dogs on a dawn walk at a local & beautiful western North Carolina park. Since it's in the negatives here & only transplants like myself can wrap our heads around it, I'm the solo car waiting for dawn to officially hit so we can get through the gate. What a wonderful way of ending a Christmas themed list of lies, omissions, crimes and atrocities that are now common place. It stung a little less with the humor and especially the end with doggy Christmas. Atlas was looking at dad like "Uhhhhh, sensory overload. Must reboot & be sure he's being serious." She's a gorgeous girl bro! I hope you and everyone dear to you had a fantastic Christmas and I want to wish you and EVERYONE a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!!!!🎉🎉

  2. Beware there are scammers acting like Luke & We Are Change who will tell you to text them a pic of them commenting to you and then say you won prizes and then ask for your email and address and then nothing. Then they say "Let me notify my delivery agent and I'll get back to you in a sec!" And they never get back to you! Why do people keep trying to scam me. It's like I have a target on my back saying come burn me even though I've already been so burned and broken, I have nothing for them to even steal. Any what's app number they tell you to text is a scam… Every single one! And they prey on people who are absolutely broken, lost, and just like everyone else they just love kicking people in their face while they've already been beaten to a pulp! Why are people so FN mean and just evil these days? I know I'm dumb, but for once it would be nice of something good actually happened in life. Maybe like finding friends who honestly just want your friendship and aren't just planning to burn you the second they get the opportunity! What happened to America and Americans? FAQ the Chinese CCP communist evil garbage human beings! And def FAQ the wef! I know it wasn't you Luke, but just know there are people preying on people in your comment section! Are there any honest human beings out there that are actually honest, descent, and just want to help take our country back from these evil FN tyrants like Biden and our corrupt as faq healthcare system, criminal justice system, and gov everything?!?! Sorry for ranting, but when will the nightmare stop? It's almost like I should just die because anything is better than being burned constantly, having zero friends, and being forced to sell my car to help my mom save her house because I was diagnosed with FN disease in my spine and the healthcare does nothing to help except tell me to do the same BS I've already done that's never work and take all these BS meds that make my life even worse because apparently I'm a lab rat! Do not trust the healthcare system! They are literally trying to kill you!

  3. Merry Christmas Luke! Your lists were right on! Peace love and light to you, you’re dedication to We are Change has been and continues to be exemplary.
    As far as a business ti get into, I’m interested in the qualities of hemp, or at least using it for packaging and paper products. If people could step up cultivation and production of hemp perhaps that could be indirect competition with Gates’ land grabs.
    Ps I’d looks to know more about Gates’ influence in that bill that just passed.

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