The Regime Is About To Collapse And May Disintegrate At Any Moment

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  1. According to McGregor “regime is about to collapse at any moment”. Sure😁 He says bunch of nonsense for more than one and half s year. At the begining it was “3 day operation”, after that “10 days” and just “about to fall at any moment”, maybe tomorow or even today. And nonsense about “400000 death Ukrainians soldiers”. If it is true it would be cca 3 milions total losts and Ukrainian army would fall long ago. And entertaining fairytale about “prepared 300000 Rusians who are prepared….” and “Russian army is today stronger than anytime ago”. Interesting is that some people still believe him. In the Czech republic we have similar “military analyst” named Koller. One time he said that in Ukraine soldiers find that “RPG-7 is better than Javelin because when fire from Javelin they must uncover themselves”. And people (probably not-thinging) applauded him. And people who believed MacGregor are checking his previous claims? They never mind he 100 times predict something and 95 times was wrong (in case of Russian-Ukrainian war) and still believe him? I thing MacGregor is
    a) just absolut amateur who know nothing about situation spouting nonsense
    b) (probable variant) paid by Russians to weaken support to Ukraine
    Do you know another solution of his čase?

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