The Russian sledgehammer is beginning to fall in Ukraine

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  1. American dews get there brother on brother war in Europe. Send American tax payers money to there dew friend zelensky, he in turn puts it into American dew accounts in Cyprus and Israel. What they love more than money is white Christians shooting and blowing each other up. Fucking cretins.

  2. 4 months from date of broadcast please release this on your channels peeps we need to review all facts nonstop every 4 months for years to know who was lying. History will tract who was right and who was wrong this is the AGE of information. Record Rebroadcast Review Repeat we control what the future sees Save Show all you can forever.

  3. The entire western war machine and it's indoctrination of the masses is nothing less than an Atlantic Ocean of lies, corruption and deep state filth that blights the masses and will bear a massive scar for a generation. When the truth outs Zelensky will be hung out to dry or fry by the very militant faceless ultras that put him in power, that will be seen to placate a US/UK/EU/NATO/Ukraine abomination! Shame on us all for allowing it to happen.

  4. Corruption?????
    No wonder those WESTERNERS leaders pumped up so many billions of money to the goodie, goodies receiver there and spreading it out back to the leaders WESTERN 💞leaders' paradise ACCOUNT$ laughing with jollies.🎃🥰🍻💞.
    It's love at first 💕 sight.

  5. I call out Macgregor von Münchhausen to legitimate his figures of losses and mobilized Ukrainians, even using the official kremlin propaganda figures. Macgregor postulate that only 80,000 Russians were send in as part of the "Military Operation" to face a Ukrainian force of over 400,000 Ukrainians heavily trained (by NATO). Non of this obviously makes any kind of sense at all tactically or military wise if the Russians were aiming to demilitarize Ukraine, and it's obviously made up fairy tale figures that have no base in any kind of reality what so ever.

  6. If I was a Russian citizen I would be furious at the collective West but most bitter towards America.

    As an American I have known for sometime the Democrats in power were buffoons. Democrats insistence global warming was our #1 existential crisis, coupled with Biden’s rants that he wants to end fossil fuels use, left me shuddering at how inept Democrats are.

    Our elected and unelected officials running DC today are beyond inept, they literally are insane, as madness as Hitler was and maybe more so.

    When Russia collapses Ukraine into an accordion my only hope is these nitwits in DC don’t start WW3 by using battlefield or tactical nukes. There is no telling what these buffoons are capable of.

  7. Everything this guy says falls apart, because the Russian offensive has been stopped and is contracting. The "overpowering" nature of the Russian forces is moving a block each day at a cost of hundreds of lives on both sides. Victory will only be defined as how much land is taken from Ukraine when both sides stop fighting…temporarily. If Putin gets a bullet to the head or dies of "natural" causes, his successor can pull out of Ukraine completely and blame the dead guy…Putin.

  8. By now the truth about the tactical conduct of the Ukrainian command, and their handicaps and blunders that have cost the loss of substantial Ukrainian solders, have reached the home front such as remains. The seeds of rebellion are sown and will blossom. The end of the Coke Addict’s government is nigh, as the Ukrainians hear how the lives of their youth were wasted by fools.

  9. Colonel McGregor, I hope we be alive next year 2024!!! Because, once Russia nukes any NATO member country and turns it into a furnace, let's see if NATO and the EU will be expanding!? Dmitri Medvedev, Deputy Chair of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, said, Russia, New Year's gift a Zircon missile went out to the shores of NATO countries. 1000 km range of Hypersonic Mach 9 ability to use any charge with a guarantee overcome any missile defense stand at 100 miles from the coast closer to the Potomac River. Let's see if the western neo-cons can survive this obliteration!

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