The Scam of The Century!

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Aside from losing over 1.13 million people, the United States is thought to have lost billions of dollars in pandemic relief fund fraud, according to the most recent Associated Press analysis, published this week.

The analysis discovered that fraudsters took more than US$280 billion in relief cash, while another $123 billion was lost or misspent.

“Combined, the loss represents 10 percent of the $4.2 trillion the U.S. government has so far disbursed in aid,” according to the report.

According to the analysis, this was the worst heist in U.S. history, with criminals stealing billions of dollars in government money intended to stabilize an economy in free fall.

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Written by Patrick Boyle

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  1. Let’s steer this back to the actual issue at hand. How about all the corporations, politicians, and businesses that stole billions in support while we got 2 relief checks. Businesses were paid millions. The company I was working for sacked all of us and got over 1 million dollars of taxpayer money to help tie them over but none of us saw it. Who cares about what China did, I want to know why businesses got billions of dollars in aid from the taxpayer but we got nothing. They could have froze all mortgages and added the months not paid to the end of total time, gave us all food stamp benefits and free utilities. How can you say that no one can work but still charge us living expenses???? Don’t let them fool you either with fake employment numbers that aren’t real or even based off how many people are working. Big cities are rampant with crime, suffering, and have nots from the pandemic while businesses got billions.

  2. And how much money would have it cost to means test pandemic aid? While still getting money to 100% of the 90% of people who actually deserved it? Means testing is, historically, prohibitively expensive and tends to exclude the people who need the aid the most since they don't have the time, energy, means, nor expertise to jump through hurdles. It's generally better to go after the people who intentionally misused the funds afterwards.

  3. I fully support anyone who scams the government and gets away with it. Governments are the biggest frauds who steal from the people.

    Taxation is extortion.
    "Hey. Pay me a cut of your salary every month for this service you didn't ask for, or I take all your possessions and throw you in jail".

    When the Mafia did this, they were the worst criminals. When the government does, it's For the people.

    If you took some PPP cash you shouldn't have, I pray you get away bro. That's my taxes and I say you can keep it.

  4. Ignoring Covid was one of the biggest mistakes for lives and the economy . Countries who acted on the epidemic with speed and direction of the health professionals were and are the fasting to recover their citizens health and recover their impacted economy. This is easy to understand !

  5. Patrick, thanks for this video revealing the scams behind the so-called pandemic. Climate change is also a major scam that's being perpetrated at this very moment. It would be greatly appreciated if you could elaborate on that too.

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