The ‘slow motion execution’ of Julian Assange w/Craig Murray | The Chris Hedges Report

As Julian Assange continues to fight extradition to the United States to face prosecution under the Espionage Act, a growing chorus of voices is rising to demand an end to his persecution. Hounded by US law enforcement and its allies for more than a decade, Assange has been stripped of all personal and civil liberties for the crime of exposing the extent of US atrocities during the War on Terror. In the intervening years, it’s become nakedly apparent that the intent of the US government is not only to silence Assange in particular, but to send a message to whistleblowers and journalists everywhere on the consequences of speaking truth to power. Former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, who was fired for exposing the CIA’s use of torture in the country, joins The Chris Hedges Report to discuss what Julian Assange’s fight means for all of us.

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  1. Very good interview and it is welcome to learn that Craig is still well alive, plus activist. I learned of him back during the 2000s and it definitely made for very appreciable reporting. Julian must be freed soon. There is no arguable cause for not releasing him and returning him to his home. It is surprising that Craig was imprisoned. Wow, these govts are in lunacy.

  2. I'm starting to wonder about Hedges now, after the Cornell West campaign revelations of likely failure. From hiring neoliberal advisors to refusing to shape a message that unites instead of divides. Hedges convinced him to run as a Green. Now, look at all his doom inspired books, that only serve to make you feel hopeless. At this point he's a useful idiot for the oligarchy. He serves a purpose for them whether he knows or not.

  3. Love Truth above All Things ❤️
    Accept and Thank the Suffering 💚
    (from the Knowledge of Truth)
    Confront and Illuminate Malevolence 💜

    Tirany is the Seed of its Own Destruction !!!

    From the Unconscious Hell ❤️
    To the Conscious Hell 💚
    Until the Paradise of Consciousness 💜

    Stay Awake Not Woke ❤️ 💚 💜

  4. The "Deep State" is such a BS political myth – trying to put a conspiracy theory nonsense cloak and dagger aspect to the painfully simple.

    And the painfully simple is – if you say or do anything that costs "Big Money" profits, you will be silenced or done away with. Simple as that. Period. Money talks and all of the rest of the BS walks.

    And whether you are Biden or Clnton or Obama or Pelosi or Schumer or Trump or MAGA or McCarthty or McConnell, or MTG or Romney or the New Far Left or a Democrat or a Republican of any ilk, that is the one and only rule that they all follow: You cross Big Money in the US, things will not go well for you. All of the above that I just mentioned have not crossed Big Money and thus are surviving on the US political landscape.

    Julien Assange crossed Big Money and he is, pn his best day, in Limbo. Period. End of Story.

  5. If any member of staff of Belmarsh Prison had any humanity in them, Julian Assange could probably be free. They are all, from the Governor to the cooks and janitors are responsible for this man's life. I doubt that they all really believe that he should be there at all! How can they live with themselve, knowing what's being done to him, knowing he has a wife and children who are growing up without their father?! How can these people be so disgustingly inhumane? They, each and everyone of them are aiding and abetting the slow and deliberate murder by the Government of Julian Assange!!!

  6. At 25:00: it makes no sense to compare Assange and Trump, or to suggest that Trump crimes should be ignored because he is the "opposition" in the two party duopoly. This is like Biden saying we need a strong GOP and delaying the investigation into Trump's efforts to change the results of the election through the use of force. Sad to see the liberal left fumble on this issue.

  7. All they have to do is wave the flag and declare “ It’s a matter of National Security “ and
    “ We’re doing this for the American people “ . At that point critical thinking humanity and any semblance of truth justice or reality flies out the window . I think the idea that in the not to distant future the United States of America will NOT be the most powerful nation in the world is too shocking for most Americans to even contemplate

  8. 😢😮😢 so awful and so sad that truth tellers are more often attacked than supported 2:45 is it not versed in a holy book "the truth shall set you free" 3:48 seems the truth can or will be the end of your life, your liberty, and your pursuit of a happiness. 😢😮 So so awfully shamefull 😔, and 🫣 spinelessly disgusting.😢🤫🤔

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