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The TELLING signs from Mark McGowan’s last Press Conference.

In this stream, Freedom Media WA bring you a look at the things Mark McGowan didn’t say but what he really meant to say, at his last press conference.

***Correction: During the “live stream” it was said Mark McGowan will receive $274,867 every DAY for the rest of his life.

That was incorrect. He will only receive $274,867 every YEAR for the rest of his life – and it is totally tax free as it’s a guaranteed pension benefit.

In the interests of a “Gold Standard of Transparency”, something Mark McGowan promised but failed to deliver, please accept this apology for this error made.

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Written by Freedom Media WA

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  1. Thank you, Lindsay for putting this clip together. This man has done nothing but lie since the start of this virus debacle. The damage he has caused but is unfathomable. He should have allowed the use of HCQ and IVM and our state would have got through without the loss of life then and now.

  2. Remember people, this is why we have high taxes.

    We are paying for incompetent, useless, or global puppets. Also, we voted for them because of our cultural apathy. Voting for red or blue every term does not change anything.
    We need to learn what collectivism and individualism ideas are, and then hold ourselves and bureaucrats accountable.

  3. Once a pompous, arrogant, ego-centric, tyrannical psychopath now slumped low in his seat cowering and hiding. That’s what shame looks like for all those people’s lives he is responsible for decimating! Karma’s coming for you McGowan! No peace for the wicked!

  4. Unfortunately this is how it works, whilst the Normal man can only have access to his super prior to 67 years only if they can show they are not able to do the job they normally do, but then you have to pay tax on this as it's being released early. Politicians however are not subject to this rule and can have their super paid out whenever. Politicians are so far above the Normal man as to be involved in pure favouritism. They are no more the Normal man as chalk is to cheese. This also doesnt take into acount the beautiful positions that are lined up for them after retirement in private enterprise.



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