The Tragedy of Ukraine w/Nicolai Petro, Alexander Mercouris and Glenn Diesen

The Tragedy of Ukraine w/Nicolai Petro, Alexander Mercouris and Glenn Diesen



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Written by The Duran

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  1. When you talk about Ukrainian nationality you have to go way back in time. Original part was one small part in Zaporozhye. Then Queen Catherine the Great added some parts earlier held by the Polish kingdom , then after WWI Lenin added Donbass to Ukraine( what was whole sea cost of Black sea);Stalin added parts of Poland;Hungary and Romania and Khrushchev gave Crimea to Ukraine. All what Stalin;Lenin and Khrushchev gave to Ukraine should be returned to the original owner.

  2. The solution to all conflicts and all problems were supposedly understood and were solved, 75 years ago after WWII and the creation of the UN, but the greed and bullying of one power or another have corrected the UN, it is not anymore what it was created for, became controlled by one Cabal, and we got a Sad Lawless world, we badly need a Regime change at the UN immediately, it is obvious who ever is calling the shots is an Evil minded and wants to destroy this planet.

  3. I would disagree with Mr Petro, if you didn't have nationalism then it would be unlikely that as a people you would club together to defend the land you lived on. Look at the Highland clearances of Scotland, the British military (which had some scots in it) were able to carry out the clearances whilst the scots of the lowlands did little to prevent it. The problem with nationalism is there is always going to be someone who wants to use it to create their empire.

  4. After the defeat of Natzi Germany in WW11, The German people made a fresh start which rejected the ideology of the past and moved forward to become as powerful as before but without the need for a military threat. The problem in Ukraine is that the East of the country which supported Germany in the war so enthusiastically, indeed so much so that they willingly took part in the Holocaust.They didn't cease to exist, but merely went underground and this cancer has festered ever since with the result that what we are seeing is the rise of Natziism which is being exploited by America and NATO in order to fulfil their long term goal of destroying Russia, dividing Russia into 5 regions and allowing Western Interests to get their hands on Russia's vast resources.

  5. An outstanding discussion. The only thing I doubt is that time heals all. Ukrainian nationalism was born in the 19th century and it has not disappeared over the many generations since. Russia will not forget the Great Patriotic War for a long time because it is felt so deeply that everyone is constantly being educated about it. The Jews will not forget the holocaust ever. It’s been added into their religion. Things can be accepted intellectually but not in their gut. Much to simplistic to think time heals all in all circumstances.

  6. Ukraine had the great potential to establish itself as the prosperous Democratic State.
    Albeit within all these years, after collapse of the Soviet Union,
    from the very beginning of the New State of Ukraine its folk dwell in the realm of the total delusional brain washing of its Great New World under the surreal name – "The Independent Free State of Ukraine "
    They were persuaded, that the Ethnic Ukrainians are "way more superior", that people of Donbas are – sub humans, even "Donbass" the Industrial Hub of the former Soviet Union, was now named with the great delight in popular slang – "Down – bus" in reference to Down's Sindrom. Official government propaganda, education on all levels instilled rubbish, such as: "Russia robbed Ukraine of it's Name and it's History" that Ukraine as a Nation predated Russia, that Russia stolen from Ukraine, appropriated something absolutely special exclusively superior Ukrainian. Hate speech, defamation of Ethnic Russians became an accepted normalcy in Ukraine long before "Maidan Revolution" and no wonder that at "Maidan" 2014 they were – yelling and jumping and yelling: "маскаляку на гиляку, маскалив на ножи" which means "kill Russians" Despite by that time Ukraine was Free and Independent for 23 years already, that Ethnic Russians and Russian Speakers historically made over 40% of Ukrainian population.
    Russian schools were closed, Russian language was prohibited as official and social language. "Schools in Ukraine scrap Russian language of their curricular"
    The cultural, language problem, was behind the conflict in Ukraine, it was set up on purpose – to split Ukraine, to antagonize people to unleash hostility towards Ethnic Russians.
    Historically Russian Donbass, Mariupol, Odessa, Crimea, Ochakov, the Coastal Black See area, Kharkov – did not accept "Maidan Revolution". Neo Nazi responded with Terror. They bombarded Donbass, burned people alive – Ukrainian live TV reports showed
    anti – Maidan protesters being burned alive in the Odessa's Trade Unions House.
    Crimea was annexed by Russian Empire 240 years ago, when Ukraine didn't even exist yet, but nevertheless Ukraine demanded Russia to get out of Crimean Sevastopol.
    they claimed that Crimea must be "Ukrainian", by culture and language, by glorification Bandera – or else Crimea would be deserted, devastated, be erased! The "friendship trains" were send to Crimea from Kiev to "give a lesson, to teach, to force Russians to love Ukraine, and to establish the "New Order, their New Rules" – in the Historically Russian Crimea. As of today "Bandera is the designated National Hero of the Free Democratic Ukraine, albeit in WWII Bandera collaborated with Nazi, and "Successfully organized mass murders assigned to Bander and his thugs by the SS.”
    Until the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, Ukraine had never been an independent state." Ever
    " Borderland: A Journey Through The History Of Ukraine".1999…

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Andrew Tate Chat Logs Leaked By Authorities

Andrew Tate Chat Logs Leaked By Authorities