The TRUTH About Jacinda Ardern – WEF Stooge

Jacinda Uncovered. A stooge of the WEF. A dangerous ideologue whose good intentions and unconscious Performative Caring can lead her to cruel action.
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Doves – Jetstream (Sasha Subdub)

Written by I, Malcontent

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  1. Great to see this video is getting a lot of attention, thanks to you all for your comments and sorry that I can't respond to them all. The YouTube algorithm usually doesn't favour me much due to the subject matter going against the approved narrative. Please give the video a like and share as this will help promote the channel. Also, check out my other videos, or try my BitChute, Odysee, and Rumble channels where you will see the videos which YouTube banned or censored. Cheers!

  2. The WEF places people in power positions. In the uk Hancock was primed to become PM, but fortunately he screwed up. Sunak is also a placed WEF puppet.
    Schwab even admits he wants to penetrate cabinets.
    All leaders need to be reassessed and asked if they are WEF acolytes.
    Then we know don’t we.

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