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The Twitter Files: Bombshell Pentagon PsyOp Revealed, with Lee Fang | SYSTEM UPDATE

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Written by Glenn Greenwald

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  1. Ok so UFOs are real, the CIA killed JFK, the FBI runs twitter, covid came from a lab, the Mossad is running an international pedo ring catering to the elites, and there's a clandestine globalist agenda to enslave mankind.

    And people are still using conspiracy theorist as a slur.

  2. The Pentagon just failed the recent audit of $3 Trillion freaking dollars unaccounted for, and this is not the first time this corrupt federal agency had lost this kind of colossal American taxed money. Where is the accountabilities ??? Where is the oversight ??? Of course, nothing is reported on the so called “news” as usual,and the “American dream” is still wonderfully a dream that you could do the dreaming all day long indeed !!!

  3. Propaganda like this is a military weapon, the same as rolling a tank or bomber and they used a military asset on the population. These "officials" are all traitors. Will we ever be able to know how many people in the US have died because of this? Not to forget all the people elsewhere that have already.

  4. Exactly right, it serves the public interest. Thats why the MSM is doing their best to minimize its importance and to smear the journalists who are actually doing their job. Since they can't find any real dirt, the MSM resort to what they specialize in. Just making obnoxious stuff up and creating fake narratives.

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