The U.S. Doesn’t Have the Forces Ready to Fight With Russia

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Interview with Stephen Gardner on July 12, 2023.

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  1. I have been watching this man for a while now. He said the ukrain counteroffensive would be crashed…it did.
    He said the west will run out of ammo don't believe the propaganda that Russia is running out of ammo. Ukrain now getting banned clusterbombs cos they have nothing else to give them.
    He said bakhumt is a bloodbath for the Ukrainians…it was.
    He said mariupol would eventually fall and it did.
    Lets see what happens next.

  2. What are the reasons for US to fight with russia?
    What are the reasons not to fight?
    Overwellmingly many.
    The main.
    Self intressed.
    The USA are at present point, just two miny tiny steps from state bankrupsy.

    So why go that way, that only will lead to havock and the destruction of the society that we have known as the US of A.

    Of course are there, as in russia/the previous SSSR in 1986, also a "oligarcic class" that just wait, and also work for the downfall off the USA.
    With the purpouse to steal all land, assets, banks, companies, and the gigantic social funds belonging to the american people.
    As theire "siblings" did in east europe and the sovjet union from 1986 to 1993.
    It there ended with the collaps and empoverishment and humiliation of houndreds of miljons of peoples and the state collaps of allmost twenty countries.

    How will the now worked in collaps of the US look like??

  3. The West, UK, NATO and US government are going on a dangerous path, let them think before the devil uses them to accomplish chaos on earth. No matter the weapons sent to Ukraine, Russia 🇷🇺 will emerge victorious because it was revealed to me in the REALM last year September 2022.

  4. Providing Long-range Missiles and Fighter Jets to Ukraine is Endangering all people in the US & Europe, because Ukraine can then attack Moscow or Crimea with these weapons,and thus spark a full-scale War between the US/Europe and Russia/China.. Do you all really trust Ukraine with these? Because they already stated numerous times that they want the US and all of NATO to go full-scale into their war with Russia, so it wouldn't be surprising if Ukraine did intentionally provoke a world war.

    US-NATO has 3 Options
    regarding the War in Ukraine:

    (a) a full-out War with Russia;

    (b) Waste more $Billions & Military Equipment to prolong this Failed War and continue the slaughter of people; to maybe gain a half mile?

    or (c) Make a Peace Deal Now and End the War.

    Realistically, this war is a frozen stalemate, so prolonging it any further is just allowing thousands more young soldiers to be kilked for no useful reason.

  5. The US has the greatest killing machine the world has ever known. The US standing army is not large at this time but the callup capacity in a country of 330 million people is more than adequate to handle any eventuallty and the Russians are well aware of that. That is not even considering the forces of 31 other NATO members. There are more than enough forces in Europe to handle a challenge by Russian conventional forces. The Russians are having enough trouble controlling Ukranian forces. They thought Ukraine would be a cakewalk like Georgia and Chechnya–not while they're using tactics and equipment from the Soviet era.

  6. By virtue of egotism, North America and Europe will eventually be separated from the rest of the world due to the destruction of the dollar and then eventually Europe will abandon ship and the United States will be left holding a bag of shit entirely by itself.

    In the end, the United States will act predictably – as any spoiled child does. It will attempt to abandon it's debts to other countries by waging war against them. At that point, it's own economy will have been mostly destroyed and it will suffer one final humiliating loss on the battlefield.

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