The Ukrainians are staring down the barrel of a VERY BIG GUN

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Original 4K footage.
Audio timestamps (3 calls): 20, 21 and 21 Feb 2023.

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  1. Anyone with common sense and logic in the 21st century knows full well its mostly realtime ISR via satellite and amalgamation of primary and secondary radar system tech!! its game over!! Nowhere to hide and nowhere to run!!! Every ligistical and potential stratigical move is watched in realtime!!

  2. In the run up to WW2 the European countries, including the UK, did not want to fight Hitler (who was pally with Stalin at the time). There were a lot of very vocal apologists preaching peace and Nazism and Communism. People who complained about the warmongers and propaganda from the likes of Churchill. Ignoring reality even when it could not be denied. Even in this information rich age, has anything changed?

  3. Pompeo's tenure also moved the embassy to Jerusalem and look how that has worked out? Adelson of course pumped money into that and a couple other problems Trump was only so
    glad to have. You see Nazi banners brazened all over, which is only camo over who is behind this push for a WWIII, remember Waterloo. the same entities want slave labor practices
    and corporation cover for creaming all nation's economies. This is their octopus. Food shortages, environmental protections, regulation, of banking etc, all enemies to the spawned
    international cabals. Goes all the way back to Dicken's Christmas Carol, and Dutch East India monopoly, opium, etc. We can see what's wrong over here when two of our
    elected officials show up at Davos w/o the supposed usual 'pedigree'. When the quality of life goes down, it this at work. Covid etc. Churches like the Morman church buy up farm land
    and what is Ukraine, Gates wanted to buy up the Dakotas. Farm Land, Ukraine's farmland is immense. People are pushed into cities where housing and services can be controlled
    unilaterally, driving wages down and living expenses up. Rural areas become uninhabitable…small towns ready for a bulldozer, and only big corporations can afford to buy up
    the land. Hello Bolshevik / Banderites on Russia's border…riding Western economies to pay for it.

  4. In reality the Russian military has very little offensive power. Their advances at the frontlines are very small and they are suffering heavy losses to the NATO artillery and HIMARS. Macgregor has been repeating over and over month by month that Ukraine is about to be destroyed by massive Russian offensives that are always 'about' to be delivered but NEVER materialize. (cont. below)

    What he is talking about now, sweeping RU offensives to the banks of the Dnipro River or from some other direction (Belarus) are just very unlikely to happen unless some total collapse of Ukrainian morale and units occurs. The war is currently stalemated at the front line. The Russians lack the combat power and logistics to conduct such offensives and their pre-war army and officer corps have been written down at the frontlines. The Russian army is completely unable to conduct successful combined arms operations and has shown little ability to coordinate different units to move the situation on the ground in a decisive way.

  5. Thank you for this information Please please can you tell me ASAP to see ends of the Russian and Ukrainian Nazis Politics Mafia to see Russian Victory
    I can Dance Russian DANCE even I am Very old woman
    God’s blessings to everyone in Russia 70 and all Orthodox nations because these people are GODS Believing Country
    Living under Communism forOver 70 years and survive with Victory
    Russians are Victor’s
    God’s blessings to everyone in Russian History and Russian people

  6. Hi colonel, can you please clear this confusion regarding russia ukraine war.. Why is russia dragging on this pointless war.. They could literally strike the presidential palace with precision guided missile and take out zelensky.. But instead they are playing a grinding battle of attrition for every inch of land which is really confusing and nonsensical.. Seems like a very idiotic approach to modern warfare.. I don't understand exactly what russia is up to in this war.. If their aim was to take ukraine, they could do it on the very first day by striking presidential palace.. Even yesterday, zelensky did a show in kiev with hundreds of his troops.. Zelensky was literally a sitting duck for russia to take out.. Instead russia did absolutely nothing and it was also as if zelensky knew that he wouldn't be attacked by Russia.. So, it makes me wonder if putin, zelensky and Biden are all in this together.. What exactly is russia and nato hiding from us that we don't know


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