The Ultimate Virtue Signal Backfire! 😂

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  1. Assigning gender is integral to the Spanish language. What if my table doesn't identify as a female mesa? By trying to push this "X" notion it suggests the undermining of a beautiful and wildly spoken language. To me the "X" represents "cancel". Wake up, culture police is trying to cancel Spanish speakers.

  2. X means WRONG X means filling in for a value that is undetermined and to be figured out X means X rated – WHY WOULD WE LIKE IT – I am white and am a part of this society and it makes me feel bad to even hear a person say that word let alone use it what on earth why would Latino be bad it is not Why can't we say Latin doesn't that cover? People suck!

  3. The other day a white guy as white as a ghost came to me at work and corrected me saying that the right term is Latinx and I am a Latino male and he is a white male correcting me. You can’t make this shit up. I just told him respectfully that I am a Latino and that I’m not a cleaning product to use around the house and I also told him to shove his ideologies up his arse. He didn’t make any complaints about my behaviour because I would have a blast with him if he did.

  4. So now it's creeping into Philipin-x ? Can't wait for South America to start calling cowboys* Guach-x. Was this video made in San Dieg-x? 🤣
    Ya know, over 50 years ago, "The Addams Family" had this all solved with a little furry cousin they couldn't identify, so everyone called it "it".
    *cowtheyz? cowthems? Bovine herding persons?

  5. You know, I'm glad Don Lemon is at least offering token pushback on the Latinx terminology- Jason Alexander slid into that like he's been saying that bullsh*t his whole life. True 1984 pro! Oceania is at war with East Asia. It has always been at war with East Asia. I've known John Leguizamx was down like a clown with this probably from Day 1. It's funny because we do have a non-gendered term for people of Spanish descent or from Spanish-speaking countries and that's HISPANIC. Gotta love how the female anchor talking about the Latinx muppet is putting the Spanish spice on the "latin" part yet still pronouncing the "x" part in English. Ma'am, if you'd go full Spanish and pronounce the "x" part in Spanish, too. Otherwise this is English-language colonization at play and no Spanish-speaking person should be impressed.

    If something is not about your re-election prospects, AOC, you should not be re-elected… if you're making it an issue. I'll give you an example. Praising Hitler is not about your re-election prospects so you should make a point of doing that. Don't worry. Elections are rigged in NY so you'll still win a sound majority. But go on and praise Hitler. It's not about re-election prospects, after all!

  6. la-tinx came to prominence mainly by idiots pushing it on unaware people, and despite hispanic people openly not liking it (or never having heard of it) they keep pushing and pushing it with celebrities to the point they are hoping people just give up and accept it. it ain't happening. no one wants to be a LaTinx!

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