The Uncensored Truth about Inflation – How Inflation Enriches Politicians and the 1%

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Written by Academy of Ideas

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  1. Their plan is clear: they will toy the interest rates on and on and milk every last drop out of this profiteering puppet show until pop goes the weasel! and your dollar is worth nothing. But don't worry: the one world digital currency will be there to save the day for you and your family!

  2. What's not really well explained here is why debt is a house of cards. To put it simply, imagine you've taken out a loan for 100k. That amount, 'the principal' is always going to be the same. Now imagine if there was hyper inflation, you'd be able to pay it off like it's nothing, right? Then on the other hand, if there was deflation, it would effectively be more difficult to pay off your debt. If you had a lot of investments or multiple mortgages, then deflation would totally ruin you, and that's why the rich hate the idea of it. There has to be steady inflation and constant 'growth' to keep the scheme going.

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  4. Love to see Mises and Reisman here! The public is just now starting to understand how harmful central bank intervention is for society.

    Thanks for talking about this.

    Edit: Even Rothbard? Man, you are really hitting the target here!
    Edit2: Man, you really did your homework, did you? Murphy's Understanding Money Mechanics is an excellent explanation of the modern money system.
    Edit3: Was only missing Hazlitt and you delivered. My respects.

  5. All politicians, without exception, are bought and funded by wealthy financiers. All of them. You could be a politician but you would have to fund your campaign and repay the funding with profitable favors. Just pay attention to when markets go up and when they go down and why it actually does this. Also, buy real assets. Currency is a flow of value. Gold and silver is money. If you want to save money get it and keep it. If you want to generate currency work it up or borrow it.

  6. Don't talk in terms of the 1%, talk in terms of the elite or the ruling class. There are plenty of people in the 1% whom the advantage doesn't go to and whom aren't complicit in our societal decadence and plenty of people outside of the 1% who are. It is important to accurately define the enemy.

  7. The narrator does not address the Usurious credit card rates that the middle and lower Castes pay for monthly credit to buy groceries and necessities. Lowering FED Rates to Money Market Banks Will Never result in fair single digits CC rates

  8. Narrator does not address that a rise in FED Funds/ Money Market Center Rates benefits Savers and tens of millions of elderly and middle caste persons and HouseHolds on a fixed income. Lower rates and the Zero Rates from 2009-'17 is a wealth transfer and a tax on Elderly and Fixed Income Savers

  9. The Narrator is reticent about the fact that: raising FedFunds Rates from 0% to 4.75% does not address that Credit Card Holders pay 17%-29.9%. That savers get Zero- 0.5o% on their pass book and nothing on checking. The FedFunds rising tide does not benefit the average saver

  10. I think I still don't get the correlation of new money and price increase
    but it seem I get it that it's the centrsl banks who are the culprits of inflation
    they introduce new money to banks not directly to masses/people and the central banks lower interest rates so banks would be enticed to borrow tons of money who then entices clients to borrow from them with low interest. The only people who can take huge advantage of loans with low interests are people with massive collateral aka the rich minority. these minority group will have lots of money to buy materials but the manufacturing of materials/supplies does not increase with the increase of the quantity thus the competition demand for supplies by people with new money forces the prices of those meager quantity of supplies to rise because people with new money tend to outdo their competitors by offering more money to suppliers so suppliers will give their products to them. and then this same buyers will sell the supplies to their clients at a higher price because they paid more money than the true value of the supplies to acquire the supplies and thus triggering a chain reaction of increases in all products/goods that uses that supplies and the brunt of taking the burden of increased prices of all goods are the masses whose income does not increase relative to price hike. then these regular consumers demand pay hike because of price hike and companies are forced to increase prices of products so they can increase the salaries of workers/consumers and this cycle of forced increase of everything will trigger an increase in borrowings and trigger inflation. to stop the inflation central banks will increase its interest rates in order to stop inflation by crashing the economy so they can reset the economy? did I get it right? if so nations should dismantle central banks to stop printing new money…?

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