Chris and Alan go over the new prerequisites for entering Sundance, and the 3 words that come to mind are, “What?!” “Why?” and “Duh!”

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  1. They are so ignorant, they mixup culture with race, hipanic is a culture any person in the world with spanish speaking a Christian upbringing is in, there is people of every continent and color that are hispanic. But they are probable trying to define hispanic-american, which are either white, indigenous or mixed and a little amount are black. I will never understand americans obsession with this kind of things.

  2. This is how Hollywood dies and I'm not sad about it. To hell with 'em. There's a century of American film out there. Watch that. Just peruse what's available for free on Internet Archive, or even YouTube. Hollywood occasionally produces a good movie or show. Of course, Hollywood has always produced a lot of crap. It just seems the ratio of good to bad these days is out of whack.

  3. They are teaching you to identify everyone by race, gender, disabilities etc. New racism it's called ay? How are you going to be able to critique a movie if it might be labelled hate speech? This is hilarious! And to think it used to be male or female, just to give you the advice which toilette to use.

  4. All of these ethnic terms are vague and meaningless. The most antiquated term among the bunch is the 18th-century term "Caucasian." There literally are Caucasians, from the region of the Caucasus Mountains, an area which is mostly Muslim in faith. ""White" itself is an empty vacuum with shifting goalposts over time. Yet Latinx is a 21st-century invention.

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