The World Economic Forum Sends an Eerie Warning to Elon Musk | Direct Message | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum sending a creepy warning to Elon Musk about his running of Twitter; the arrest of Andrew Tate for human trafficking in Romania and his Twitter war with Greta Thunberg; and Bill Gates revealing his plan for how ESG scores will be used to control corporations all over the world in the name of fighting climate change and ending the use of fossil fuels. Dave also does a special “ask me anything” question-and-answer session on a wide-ranging host of topics, answering questions from the Rubin Report Locals community.

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  1. I think they had (perhaps intentionally) a comma in the wrong place. I don't think they meant "… who produce and promote child abuse, disinformation…". I believe they meant ("… who produce and promote child abuse disinformation…". These two sentences are very very different. We know who they are and where they are attempting to take us.

  2. Tells you how much they believed it outside of being there, like a bunch of knuckleheads. He wasn’t even handcuffed. He was walked over to a van. Know if there’s more to it, and the truth comes out, and he is trafficking? Then I would hope they save a small corner in hell for him to burn into. Otherwise it smells very fishy.

  3. Hey Rubin , luv you man. You're the right guy to address all this WEF and.the funny last names of these guys.. kinda like there is a magical connection between all these secular guys and a certain kind of thinking that you don't see with other orthodox guys.. jus sayin man, we all see it, now… its gotta be addressed dude ahah.

  4. In a 2 volume book that was released in the summer of 2023, titled One Nation Under Blackmail, author, investigative journalist Whitney Webb. Webb is exposing the underworld that is controlling government today, the people who pay for decisions to be made. Webb is showing us the role Epstein played. FYI, Epstein is viewed as being a middle man in the big picture. One individual who is part of this wants to be the one who produces the chips they'd like to put in our brains. Guess who that person is? Elon Musk.

  5. Hey Pelosi! How about making your city, San francisco, SAFE? I spent my Christmas in SFO with family and my van's window was smashed. Apparently this is common in SFO. We walked in downtown and told to watch out for poops in the streets/curb. It's not the SFO I remember. It's now dirty, lots of loud fights, crime ridden.

  6. The expression on the CNBC reporters face said it all for me…just in awe of her guest. But don't take what Gates says lightly..remember he, and Marc Benioff the owner of TIME and Salesforce, are the only 2 mentioned founding members of the WEF. Stakeholder capitalism is gaining…what is it? You support me, I support you. How can companies like Netflix, Microsoft, Apple, Gooeygal, Fakebook, Amazon, etc., all have a majority of their employee force that donates to the Democratic party? How do companies know which way their employees lean or who they vote for? Twitter is a perfect example….the staff was biased, now exposed…but how many, like Apple and the WEF have threatened to leave or removed themselves from the platform? Never underestimate how deep they go.

  7. I may be at fault for Bill Gates ….. When I was a kid, in parochial school I had a tendency to beat up bullies because I couldn't understand why kids were so GD mean. On the other hand I wanted to make my older brother happy with me and a couple of times he and his friends would goad me into threatening to beat up guys in his grade. They thought it was funny. Not my proudest moment and was devastated by the memory of scaring this kid. Then one Christmas after investing in Micro Soft and shortly later making it possible for me to buy a house my Bro says something to me about kicking Bills ass and I said Huh? and he said don't you remember chasing Bill under the 20' Santa his dad put up every year? I immediately was flooded with the memory of being goaded and chased poor Bill from the bus stop, down the street, under the Santa leaning against their garage and right through their front door and found myself standing in their living room and saying oops to myself I turned around and walked out of there and closed the front door behind me. That may have been the moment he went to private school "Lakeside" instead of public school and where he met Paul Allen, and the rest is history. He was a prick as a kid and never stopped being one and eventually turned into the megalomaniac that he has become…. So here is my apology to the world, Sorry Folks for being a punk kid trying to impress his ass of an older brother.

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