The World is Taking Notice of Just How Corrupt Canada has Become – Tucker Carlson – Tulsi Gabbard

Justin Trudeau is becoming known around the world as one of the most corrupt leaders. Public figures like Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard have made public statements recently about just how badly Canada is sliding into totalitarianism.

Tucker Carlson clip:

Tulsi Gabbard clip:

Eva Chipiuk tweet:

IFJ Canada:

IFJ Canada’s Letter:

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  1. Unfortunately, because Canada and the US belong to NATO, if the US tries to liberate us it will be seen as an aggressive act and NATO will get involved. If you think life sucks now………
    It's up to us, WE THE PEOPLE, to get ourselves out of this with non compliance. And I mean EVERYBODY from the average person, to the highest command in the gestapo(RCMP) and our fine fighting people in the military. IGNORE all mandates and any unlawful acts or orders perpetrated by our criminal thugs(g'vt) and watch how fast it crumbles. Business as usual, as per before the convid.

  2. I saw that clip and it was fantastic. The people first, not the twisted, evil acts of the so called leader of Canada. The only thing that Justin should get first is a straight to jail card. All of Canada has the right to see this report at the same time as Justin.

  3. Trudeau has appointed the Supreme court the senate and the governor general! This allows for no checks or balances on Trudeau! We need to change the system. He can at any time declare another emergency even stopping the next election and become like his father from CUBA!

  4. a report into the 'ethically use of the emergency act by the liberal government'…. the liberals "lets unethically, try to get involved with aspects of the report that we should have nothing to do with'. If the commissioner(liberal) is just going to do what they ask than the report obviously has NO integrity. Imagine in a fair court that one party can make requests with full expectation of getting them when the other side can't even make a similar request…

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