Their Secret Plan to Kill Crypto and Launch FedNow CBDC

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Is the United States government secretly coordinating to end crypto once and for all? And if so, what would be the motivation for that? Could it possibly be the near launch of phase one and a central bank digital currency? It seems like that may be the case with new evidence pointing in that direction. A government campaign against crypto right now is being called Operation Choke Point 2.0

So first, what exactly would this Operation Choke Point 2.0 be? How are they going about trying to end crypto here once and for all? And then what are the possible motivations for doing that?

0:00 Video Introduction
0:43 Hands-Off Approach and Crypto Innovation
3:51 Changing Tune: Operation Choke Point is Now Turning Against Crypto
5:35 Recent Developments in Signature Bank and First Republic Bank
7:24 FedNow to Launch in July
9:58 Operation Choke 2.0: The Bubble and The Fraud
11:34 Advantages of Fed Now
12:40 Fed Now and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC)
14:06 Preparing for a Fully Controlled Financial System

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  1. I have highlighted a few times that your analysis (or at least your clickbait video titles) are FUD and have shown to be FUD.
    You put out a video after the stray missile landed in Poland. You said this would escalate and led to WW3, i told you think would not happen. You were talking about crypto going to zero before, you said ETH would go to zero, i told you this would not happen.
    Whilst i have enjoyed some of your videos your analysis has not been accurate many times.

  2. Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make Mistake but they don’t quit… As the economic crisis keep rising, we literally need to have different streams of income. The crypto market has plenty opportunities to earn a decent Payouts with the right skills and proper Understanding of how the market works.

  3. FedNow is literally FedWire + CHIPS running 24/7. Calling it "halfway to a CBDC" is retarded — he may as well call FedWire or CHIPS halfway to a CBDC. We already move digital money around with signatures. FedNow, if it works, will just make it faster. They aren't scoping out a system to handle 330+ million accounts — they are making a system that can handle ~10 thousand accounts. This fear mongering is just a ridiculous ploy to get clicks/views. Brazil already uses a settlement system like this.

  4. Question.. no one uses cash hardly at all anymore.. only 50b of the currency is in tangible circulation.. according to the fed.. if that’s true what if even one these hedge funds truly went cash and expected to get those dollars.. don’t we already have a cbdc and would only have to eliminate the remaining cash..

  5. I absolutely love Heresy Financial! Every time I tune in, my mind is consistently amazed and expanded beyond expectation. The critical thinking showcased here is simply unparalleled – it's like a thousand times more thought-provoking than anything else I've experienced online. Keep up the fantastic work!

  6. If "they" are really smart they will implement a one way gateway from crypto into the CBDC. This way, you can leave crypto but you can't go back. Once cash is abolished and it will be then you can't cash out of crypto and you can't go anywhere and use your cash to buy anything either because it will be obsolete and useless.

    FedNow is Phase 1. It has to be done first because it is the payments system directly in and out of the Fed on the top end.

    The banks will probably be on a regionalized implementation schedule.

    This one is probably being overlooked or not understood but the central bank is ultimately going to suck in all the personal deposits and assign blocks of deposit accounts to central server systems that are part of the central bank system. They are going to obsolete personal banks after the banks have converted all their deposits to digital.

  7. Sorry, but this is all a bunch of tinfoil nonsense. Just about every other country has already stood up a nationwide instant payments infrastructure whereas the US has been severely lagging behind on this technology. FedNow has been in the works for years, its purpose is to finally bring the US in line with the same capabilities that are available elsewhere. Also, with FedNow, you still need a bank account in order to receive funds, it’s just that transactions to said accounts can clear in real time vs. the current system which also links to bank accounts but uses 1960s automated clearing house technology that processes transactions in batches, which introduces a significant delay for transactions to settle.

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