These Chinese YouTubers Are Spying On You…

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Hello guys and gals, it’s me Mutahar again! In the last week or two a few YouTuber’s catering to the Chinese community have been spreading programs that serve to spy and fingerprint them. What for? Let’s find out! Thanks for watching!
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  1. Why are the people watching these videos not downloading an official version of the tor browser from a legitimate source? Of course, no one deserves to be spied on, but why trust a link from a YouTube channel? I don't click on any links in YouTube. Maybe I'm paranoid, but YouTube has scammer and bot problems obviously. Can people in china just not access CNET for downloading? I'm not saying CNET is totally reliable, and I'm just using it as an example.

  2. "My government won't censor my access to the internet"
    Can't say that in the United Kingdom. Government sanction ISPs that don't block sites linked to piracy, porn without contacting your ISP to unlock etc.. Luckily you can just change your DNS settings to override the censorship, can't say even that much in CN where they brick your phone if they detect you using a VPN on their cellular network.

  3. I'm still asking myself when and if Windows will ever sandbox their freaking apps. A random app being able to access so much shit, including stuff like what processes you are running is just insane. No app (other than maybe anti virus software) should be able to see which processes you have running for any reason. Microsoft could very well start locking these down, just giving the user the option to let the app access that stuff. If an app tried to access it, windows should ask the user "Let X app see what other apps you have running on your computer?". Many people would freak out and say no, as they should, but users that needed it could still use it. I don't get why is so hard for Microsoft to not let Windows apps behave the same exact way they did in the XP era… All apps have full OS access, its just insane

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