kevin McCarthy becoming Speaker may reduce the defense budget by $75 billion. So. who are the REAL war party now?
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Written by Russell Brand

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  1. I'm an independent, but democratic views and stances are for holding us down, lining their pockets and for the corporate American Elite. Oh and don't forget and you should cover this also, the prison industrial complex, two companies own a majority of the, county, state and federal prisons on the East coast alone, and they based out of Texas.

  2. Thinking about the right wanting to halt military spending, rather to reduce it substantially.

    Makes me 🤔 🤔💬
    Maybe, the Republican party is leaning more towards Libertarian? Makes perfect sense, IMO. They are trying to ditch the Rino's the best they can. Maybe it's what is needed to gain a real Libertarian Party.
    Perhaps the Republican Party will split down the middle.

    Maybe then the Democrats and Socialist will split as well.
    I know decent Decent Democrats whom don't like the way the party have turned out to become.

    The 2-party system is so 20th century. We need to move on to more choices and more then a 2 Party system in The USA.

    If not I think more are leaning to a Volenterist and just cut the cord so to speak and not participate anymore in these nefarious elections. People want government out of our personal property & rights. We have the right to be secure in our person's, papers and property. IMHO 😊🤞💕🇺🇸

  3. Just because US is a warmonger country doesn't justify nor make Putin's actions anyway justifiable. He is a vile dictator who executes everyone who refuses to accept Russian dominance. Georgia and Ukraine being bright examples, countries that wanted to do nothing with Russia and suffered because of that. In the early 90s, 2008, 2014 and now. And undermining our stuggle to just showcase "how woke you are and how you see the actual truth" is a bit disgusting.

  4. America spent the most money they all 10 other country's combined on their military yet cant even win a war the last 2 they started was lost by them and the trillions pumped in to it. Vietnam war was lost so they pulled out and just carpet bomb it with agent orange as they did not like losing. And Afghanistan all started for oil oh sorry weapons of mass destruction that was never found and at the end America lost and left the place worse off and left the gift of billions of military equipment for the Taliban to use. Just because they spend all that money on military does not mean they are the best and will take on anyone and win because they have the money to waste on it.

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  6. Tagged chain lightning . Follow the storm .
    The.. us .. goverment is a disaster of chos . .and it would seem that from the top to the bottom it's one collective one purpose entity . And like the Russian leader hmm.
    It seems ages since trump went and visited Putin same as Biden and bidens worst embarrassment was the prince wouldn't shake his hand screams deceiver .
    Just saying and I wonder what the pride were thinking during the first gatherings after first week of trump impeachment
    Wild couple weeks
    A grand show of acknowledgement. Simply a parade of hands I mean peace

  7. As an veteran of the 1st Iraq war I hate the phrase " supports the troops"..its used the shut down and demonize any antiwar thought or conversions. Programmed Leftist attack dogs pounce the moment you question war,as if you somehow hate veterans and active service members if you don't shut up and go along. The US military is nothing but the international bankers army.

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