They Don’t Want PEACE

Here is my conversation with antiwar journalist Dave DeCamp from my live show Stay Free with Russell Brand. We discuss why there hasnt been a peace deal regarding the war in Ukraine & who might be behind stopping these peace talks. #war #russia #ukraine

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Written by Russell Brand

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  1. I would not be surprised at all if this is entirely true. I'm very unhappy with the US and UK and NATO generally with this whole Ukraine conflict because I have never heard any of these leaders even mention the word peace which says alot to my mind. I feel that there has been a total disregard for the ukraine peoples lives which is now obvious when you see the US corporations that are lining up to invest in Ukraine. If it then starts with china I think it will be very serious and as usual its the poor everywhere that will suffer for all of this.

  2. Bogus, the reason for the invasion was the closeness to nato? Why not invade Finland then? This is an imperialist land grab just like all the others. Those territories to the south or Russia had nothing to do with nato, crimea? Oh I’m sure the warm water port of Sevastopol and those nice oil rigs off the coast they immediately seized had nothing at all to do with it. Maybe the reason Zelenskyy didn’t pursue peace is because literally 91% of Ukrainians do not want peace at the cost of territorial concessions and want all their land including crimea de-occupied. The only real reason Zelenskyy was open to negotiations in march was because of the desperate situation with the siege of Mariupol, he wanted those soldiers and the civilians out of there because there was immense pressure from the country to come to a diplomatic solution for Mariupol and multiple times the Russians supposedly agreed atleast to a humanitarian corridor for civilians to evacuate they would get shelled! And then it would fall through and talks would resume and that process would repeat, the Red Cross were literally sitting around with busses for weeks to get civilians to no avail so no wonder talks fell apart altogether after that. I feel your reporting on this conflict is really suffering from tunnel vision, there’s absolutely no doubt NATO was aggressive and the military industrial complex is profiting massively and we all know how much they love a nice protracted conflict that never ends but there’s a whole side of this that you really seem to miss which is what do the Ukrainian people want? And the step by step evolution of this war that would shape the opinions and goals of the people who live there.

  3. Those are valid questions by Mr. Brand. However, there's not much discussion or both sides of the argument, because he is pushing his own one-sided narrative.

    Mr. Brand has assumed a position – US/UK govt is "unethical", Ukraine is not a subject, no voice, Russia and China would make the world a nicer place if let be, especially for Ukrainians in Russian concentration camps. "Ethics" of Russia is not discussed at all.

  4. Well of COURSE NATO countries want to "weaken Russia". Is that some sort of revelation? That's pretty much their raison etre from day 1, but ESPECIALLY after this aggression! IMO the most important motive for the West right now is not "punishment" but rather future deterrence. If this sort of behavior nets positive results – in the form of land, resources, or concessions – then it will likely be repeated in the future by Putin or his successors. OR by other countries thinking of trying something similar (like China).

  5. The "Ukraine in NATO" argument – I still can't see why Russia has a say about what sovereign countries do, including Ukraine, and what 30 NATO countries decide with a unilateral vote. Here Mr. Brand has his own argument – there's no Ukraine, no Ukrainian people, just CIA and US puppet whatever. Very disrespectful, colonial kind of thinking by Mr. Brand. Only US, Russia, China, of course UK are actors but other countries do not matter one bit.
    Mr. Brand is against imperialism but at the same time argues like a imperialist hawk. What about the will of Ukrainian people and Eastern Europeans to have some say in what hierarchical structures they are a part of?

  6. On going US hegemony? Is that what you see here? America aids Ukraine AFTER Putin invades, and you describe it as American hegemonic activity? Your bias is creeping in Russell, as it does with the constant war-profiteering rants.

    Of course arms manufacturers like war and will lobby for it, but so will any company lobby for and bid on whatever contracts the government offers to the private sector. If the taxpayer wanted the military budget slashed and aid to Ukraine stopped, they would support candidates who held that position. But it seems they don't. This isn't the fault of General Dynamics or Lockheed Martin, just as it's not the fault of a solar power or wind power company if they bid on contracts.

  7. I think Mr. Brand is not ethical because he prefers discussing imaginable profit schemes of US cooperations rahter than Russia destroying Ukraine and killing its people in great numbers every day. Is that ethical?
    Morevover, Mr. Brand's narrative leads you to believe that US coorporations are forcing Russian soldiers bomarding Ukrainians cities with field artillery. And every time Russian soldier pulls the trigger on his machine gun Mr. Sam made him do it.

  8. The plans for Ukraine reconstruction sound like cold war East Germany on steroids. The progression of cultural changes in the West since WWII and especially in recent years makes one question who actually won that war and did it even end. Fortunately I think a significant portion of the population will no longer take anything our governements say at face value.

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