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They’re putting us all at risk

A group of terminated frontline paramedics have formed a united front to seek justice and reinstatement after being let go during the pandemic for refusing the Covid-19 vaccine. With staff shortages in the current health crisis, this should be a no-brainer. FULL STORY:


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Written by Avi Yemini

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  1. There was very little if any informed consent. Important information was intentionally withheld and frequently misrepresented by politicians and bureaucrats. Who made every endeavour to block any meaningful discussion or conversation. They dodge, evaded, derided and outright lied to any who dared to ask for more information. People were arrested for exercising basic human and democratic rights. People were told they were unessential, kept seperate from their loved ones, ISOLATED. Businesses and lives were ruined with no regard. When you deprive a person of their right to work, earn a living. You effectively criminalise their existence or so far as community, they have been all but erased. Far from an exhaustive list of unjust, immoral and unconscionable "governance". No admissions of error. No expressions of remorse. Studies of effectiveness of actions taken ignored and no inquiry to learn how they may do better in the future which they say something similar will happen again. The system isn't broken. The people who accept it's authority are.

  2. The Australian government violated their own "The Australian Immunisation Handbook" which clearly states that for consent to be valid there can be no coercion. "Take the jab or lose your job" is coercion. Our government is run by criminals, like every other country, and everyone needs to wake up to the uncomfortable truth. Too many mindless drones still buzzing about mindlessly, and they are the reason this is going to happen again, and very soon.

  3. February 2022, 500,000 protestors set up camp and descended on parliament house, but there is more people now who know the truth and we still hold the line for these health-care workers, over 500,000 of us! The covidWar may seem to have calmed down but behind the scenes, battles and skirmishes will continue until truth & common sense is restored, globally.

  4. I'm from HK, people turm the vaccinate issue to ethical issue, those not to take any injection who already decided to bear the risk on their own health, moreove, the fact that the vaccination does not prevent or protect at all, a friend of mine got 5 injections and he was infected for second time this year, while my 80+ grand aunt never injected she was infected only once these years, i mean i don't oppose that people to take 20 injections for themselves, but they have no power to force anybody to take any single inject.

  5. Listen, all you medics who were let go.
    Start a corporation offshore, that is an agency who provides staff.
    The staff will work for 3 times the amount, extra for unsocial hours, weekends, callouts etc.
    Stress pay, hazard pay, preferential contracts.
    And the gov will pay it as its an agency. Not YOU.
    Do you get it now?
    Get one over, by doing this.
    You will be better off.

  6. I’d rather be looked after by someone who is unvaccinated, shows they have common sense and a conscience, they believe in human rights such as the Geneva convention. Sadly they don’t want you to go back to work because the next part of their plan requires workers without a conscience

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