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  1. Sadly, it changes nothing. No major leftist "news" org has published a single scathing report on these revelations. Until the leftist media reports on this, the division in the American people will survive, and leftists will maintain control with illegal immigration, and their leftist votes.

    I used to be naive and think that America could never fall. There would always be politicians and patriots to defend our country. Then 2016 happened — all established cable media and Hollywood was exposed and revealed as being the propaganda arm of the DNC. It was then that I realized our entire government and culture is against We the People.

    Then covid hit, and I saw how weak humanity was, and how willing the most free peope in human existence were to surrender their constitutional rights to the federal government. They wore masks and locked themselves away from life and happiness, all to appease the communist government propaganda.

    Then 2022 elections happened. This affirmed that the people are more than willing to be nothing more than mindless sheeple, perfectly happy to do as their overlords command without a shred of independent thought or judgement. ALL of the polls said red wave, yet the utterly unintelligent, ignorant voters turned up and voted DEEP blue.

    Humanity will not survive the next century. Civilization will collapse, and a natural disaster will ensure the few survivors perish. Calling it: humanity will be extinct by 2,100 AD.

  2. GOP need to be careful as we are aware they're in hand in hand with Democrats (UNIPARTY)…but those seen to not speaking up for what's right wont be in Congress or Senate much longer!!!…now is the time to step up and do what's right for the American people!!!..even with that I think it's to little to late!!!

  3. At this point,why do we need an FBI in the first place if it's gonna get this bad with them. Might as well get rid of the entire thing about them. T_T

    Edit: I think this bullcrap should not stand. And I hope that theirs more outrage over to at the very least light a fire on the federal government's ass for answers to this level of corruption that shouldn't nor can not be tolerated!

  4. Amen to all of it. People are so numb to democrat corruption that they can't tell a Benedict Arnold moment when it comes. They are overwhelmed by the continual barrage of filth, lies, corruption. We can only hope that a sufficient remnant rises up and takes down the traitors at the ballot box before a civil war is unavoidable.

  5. The majority of the GOP works hand in hand with the democrats that's why i wont send them a dime, i dont expect anything to change with the rinos in charge of the GOP they should actually be arresting the Biden administration along with Obama who i believe is running Joe Joe the puppet clown and until we see them in prison this country is doomed and will not exist after 2024.

  6. Of course we were right about errything. But they didn't deny us out of disbelief, but rather bcuz they liked the results as it fits their ideals/agendas

    These are 'people' who don't actually have thoughts of their own. All their ideals align with corporate media, government, big tech, wealthy elite, hollywood, big pharma, academia, etc. Their beliefs, thoughts, ideals, agendas, hatred, and fear are 100% manufactured. NPCs, a collective mindset. They're barely even real people

    Pride is simply Arrogance, Ignorance, and then Intolerance. Pride is Supremacy

    "The masses have never thirsted after Truth (Arrogance). They turn away from evidence that does not suit their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduce them (Ignorance). Whoever feeds them illusions, is easily their masters; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions, is easily their victim (Intolerance)" -Gustav Le Bon

    The definition of Psychopath, is Pride itself

  7. The Founders were explicit about their views on democracy, and for that reason, they looked hard, and found solutions that led to what we now call a constitutional republic. Our system may not be perfect, but it is one in which every voice can be heard.
    We have all heard the common talking point from the left that conservatives are destroying democracy. The response to this claim is the same time and time again: “We’re not a democracy, we’re a constitutional republic!”

US Gov ORDERED Media Not To Report On Hunter Biden

U.S. Gov ORDERED Media Not To Report On Hunter Biden Laptop Story

You wont BELIEVE what HE KNEW

You won’t BELIEVE what HE KNEW