This Didn’t Age Well For The FBI…

So, it seems Christopher Wray, the director of the FBI lied under oath.


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  1. Omg, the entire government is full of disgusting criminals? Who knew? This is truly a revelation. Watching criminals yelling at other criminals, pretending to punish each other. All while having "hon." on their name plate as an added insult.. These guys have really polished their craft.

  2. All of the 3 letter agencies are corrupt they always have been all of them are partners in crime they need to go but nothing will happen and if they did go they would still operate now without a face or name they too valuable of tools for the most elite politicians the last 60 years or more have shown us that. The CIA have aided our enemies of war while we were fighting them among many other things, the ATF have murdered american civilians for little to literally no reason on multiple accounts using methods that in war would be considered a warcrime among many other things and the FBI is one of the worst they've been doing shady crap sometimes even worse than this since before the 1920's. Alot of these actions have made major headlines or have been broadcasted live on TV they are well documented for the public but totally dont get buried as much as possible just like they dont actively manipulate social discourse or alter facts for the highest bidders benefit oh wait

  3. I know this is 100% of social media and it's not just for things like political topics because I uploaded the final episode of Superman Long haul which was Superman versus the atom Man from the 40s on the radio and I premiered it and it lasted a hot minute and I tried to search for it and it was hidden from even keyword search. Make of that what you will. Social media equals psyop?

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