This Is Insane

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Written by TheQuartering

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  1. re: LUBE and VIBRATORS
    • No, not to minors
    • No, not without parental consent
    • Yes, with parental content, to adults, both female and male. Give everyone their own.

    Why? Exploring and knowing one’s body is vital. Sadly, most people don’t learn better.

    re: B _ _ T PLUGS
    • No samples
    • Yes on discussion only, with parental content, for adults

    Plugs can be great, but most people are clueless.
    Additionally, they’re a smart alternative to actual a__l s__, which has become a hetero trope on adult sites — to the detriment of the big majority of women.

  2. The only way conservatives can retake their public schools is by winning election to their local school boards and also for superintendent of education. The courts take too long and are politically corrupt. It's really up to individual parents to commit to public service at the local level.

  3. As a retired private Christian school high school teacher, I'm mortified!! I taught with such love and care and protectiveness for my students that the things going on in Schools today have not only tarnished this noble career, It has broken a sacred trust. We are hired to educate children on behalf of the parents! We are not the parents. Educational Integrity Was Paramount at my school, to shape the minds of the future generation of this society. This movement was Predicted back in the early 2000s ( Read the marketing of evil the whole plan was revealed back then and it is deliberate and And it is help me open things to coovid) that Plan was the deliberate grooming of children, It would be done in the school's. All tyrants, all evil movements have gone after the children, and we have been left sleeping on the job! Thank you for this video!

  4. Has a non American I'll say that US are in need of good old days PUBLIC JUSTICE!
    If the Justice institutions (Justice system) are not properly working anymore, the people have then the right to do it themselves!

    I do not consider these things humans, any thing that do this kind of shite to children is not human at all!

    It is disgusting what is happening in US! 🤮😡

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Warmongers CONFRONTED By Journalist At National Press Club Event