‘This Is Problematic’: Thomas Massie Raises Alarms Over FBI And CIA Collecting Data On Americans

At a House Select Committee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government hearing on Thursday, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) spoke about the FBI and CIA.

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  1. What the witness is talking about is parallel evidence construction which is illegal.
    You illegally came about information which will help convict your subject, however you cannot use the evidence because it was not obtained through legitimate means, so you construct a way to have obtained the evidence through a means which will not be thrown out as fruit from the forbidden tree…
    They find someone you know who is foreign, surveil them using the FISA 2 hop rule to get EVERYTHING on YOU and everyone you talk to, also to get everything going back a couple of years earlier than the date of the FISA.

    2 hop means =
    Tap the foreign person –
    FIRST HOP is to tap the US CITIZEN's phones
    SECOND HOP is to tap everyone's phone who talks to the US CITIZEN.

  2. The more you investigate the Democrats and their puppets doing their dirty work, the more you see similarities to the Nazis and how they operated! What they are doing is criminal and hopefully charges will apply. Thank God for the Republicans because we do not want history repeating itself! Talk doesn't count anymore – jail is now an option!

  3. no penalties for the feds we need higher accountability agents of law and order uncorrupted by slush funds and extortion of Americans civilians at large. All of the sheriff to Fbi cross theft fundings by confiscations of person privately collected assets money from traffic stops on grows houses is a large benefactor of slush funds to the government entities innumerable

  4. The FBI spying on Americans illegally, paying for false information, letting Democrats get away with treason, fraud, they don't work for America they work for Clinton's Bidens, Obama and Michel, they help the press to misinform the public they are KGB communist, and not to be trusted. They are the bad guys, corrupted bond the swamp, they are criminals, they think they can break all laws and they cover up real crime and they set up false crimes on anyone who gets in there way. If all you can do is lie you need mental help for fantasy land where the bad guy wins

  5. This has been unchecked for 30 yrs and when entrapment was legalized , the DEA had unchecked power and they supplied the drugs, the ATF they supplied the guns now the FBI covers the traitors who are destroying the country and they are all ripping off Americans and using the CCP,s text book. China gate, joe Biden s bat crazy COVID planned demic to get Trump to stop letting America get back her Glory.



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