This is The Roman Empire Collapsing | Scott Ritter

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  1. Lol, Scott. "We beat the world's 4th biggest army and they were competent." This is a myth about Iraq in '91. Psst, Scott, we x'ed out their airforce on day 1.

    Also suspect: "No one can beat us in a standup fight (because we're killers)." Scott, we're a depleted, woke force now, with little manufacturing, as you know.

    Otherwise you are the shizzle!

  2. FYI…Michael McFaul was a Rhodes Scholar. Rhodes himself was a known racist. McFaul spread the greatest pro white agendas, under the guise of pro democratic relations. He is a fraud. His time in Russia was quite deceptive, he pretended to be a friend to Russia, by advising on panels, policies that helped to ruin Russia. He was a weasel in sheep's clothing. Stanford University applauds this creep.

  3. The U.S loss in Vietnam when Saigon fell to North Vietnam forces in 1974. I know a guy who was in that fight and it was all he and the other Americans could do just to stay alive long enough to get out. That was it. War over. America lost. After more than ten years the American’s main base of operation was taken over by force not politics. So, no America can be beat and America has been beaten and no amount of patriotism will ever erase that fact. Ho chi min said ,”Americans can kill 10 for every one we kill and we’ll still win”. a hundred for every American killed and Vietnam still won. The American revolution was lost when the bank of England agreed to stop fighting and allow American political autonomy when assurances were made by men like Alexander Hamilton that an American form of the private central bank could continue through which the bank of England could still milk America like a cow.

  4. Israel was strong due to US patronage, now as soon as the US weakens, we will see that Israel is a small country without much influence. Then Israel will have to negotiate with its neighbors about a peaceful life and behave well, otherwise, I am afraid that Israel is not viable

  5. Sorry Major but the alleged Iraqi 19:56 4th largest army in the world was a rag tag decimated army exhausted fro 8 years blood bath against Iran
    With no air defense and garbage scuds they had to track the trajectory by watching CNN announcing where they landed. It was an army of bouffons never forget the Iraqis coming out of the trenches with no shoes and kissing the American soldiers hands never mind the idiotic retreat on the highway of death.
    It was a joke of an army
    All due respect Major n I still love listening to u all the time
    I salute u but I disagree with your analysis regarding the tags Iraqi army
    Btw Iran was on the verge of victory only if it wasn’t for the constant poison gas that they kept being loped at them by Iraq with the rest of the world turning a blind eye
    Cheers n beers

  6. I must educate Scott about Ukraine cultur. Why you think they defend them self so good? Because they love their country of course!! Stop spread this Pro-Russian lies. Look on the Propagandist in Russian TV! Not a mentally sane person can buy that!

  7. Just want to comment on how Germany acted coerced concerning going along with the destruction of Nordsteam2. According to the eminent Professor of Economics, Richard Werner, Germany never recovered it's proper sovereignty from world war 2, and in fact the US has still got rights of occupancy over it, which might explain it's total helplessness in the face of this criminal act of intention from Biden.

  8. Your US military braggadocio is over the top Scott. Probably the worst jingoistic diatribe I've heard on American military exceptionalism. America is a killer state against sandals and AK47's, no doubt about that, but they haven't come up against a nuclear power like Russia before. US military capacity is nothing like it was years ago in terms of soldiers, equipment and leadership (huge liability).

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