This Is Their Worst Idea So Far | Depleted Uranium in Ukraine

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About Richard Medhurst: #RichardMedhurst is an independent journalist and commentator. Regular live streams and interviews with popular guests from the Left such as Glenn Greenwald, Mike Figueredo (Humanist Report) and Max Blumenthal (Grayzone). Fluent in English, Arabic, French, German, and having grown up across several continents, Medhurst’s show aims to provide a critical analysis of electoral politics and international affairs from an anti-imperialist viewpoint.

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Written by Richard Medhurst

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  2. White phosphorous burns from the inside out. It can't be extinguished with water and if someone touches the victim they also burn. My grandson, who fought in Afghanistan said that it was horrible to watch your friend burn like that and not be able to help.😢😢😢😢😢

  3. The world should never forget the sacrifice of nationally renowned Italian police detective Nicola Calipari, known for his successful anti-Mafia and anti drug-trafficking work. Calipari threw his body in front of Il Manifesto journalist Adriana Sgrena to take the American bullet meant for her but which cost him his life. Following her escape from U.S.-occupied Iraq in 2005, Sgrena reported that depleted Uranium, mustard gas, and other illegal weapons were used by the U.S. military in Falujjah. There were some who speculated that the Mafia-CIA knew that Calipari would be in Iraq and paid one of the American gunners, Mario Lozano, a native of the Bronx (New York City), to kill him. An Italian court found Lozano guilty in absentia but later dismissed the case after determining that the court didn't have standing because the U.S. military had sole jurisdiction over its troops in Iraq.

  4. Imagine talcum powder, imagine fine iron fillings lots of tiny bits of Uranium 238 (DU) and Uranium 238 Oxide. Throw a couple of sheets of paper over the top and you will be relatively safe from the Alpha and Beta particles however the gamma rays will go right through you!! Not a lot of gamma but its very penetrating. Twice ++ as penetrating as a chest x ray. NOW what if the paper were to be removed your favourite pet bounds into this lesson in radioactivity and spreads this powder and fillings all over the house!!!!!!! Well the house is now contaminated and will remain that way for a couple of million years. AND if any of those pesky particles get into your body via your mouth, nose ears or any other entry point, you will have a very nervous wait for the rest of your life BECAUSE tumours and DNA damage may not turn up for decades. Thanks pet. Now instead of just your house imagine the whole back yard, imagine your whole neighbourhood. What a disgusting weapon, who will pick up all those tiny tiny pieces spread over hundreds of acres?? forget crops, forget the kids playing there. Thanks Biden, thanks Sunak evil bastards.

  5. Just so your viewers know the reason DU is used in shells isn its extreme density of 19gm/cm3 or more than one and a half times heavier than LEAD and 4 x harder. This gives it ultimate penetration. However its other big sell point is as it penetrates the armour it ignites showering burning U238 everywhere like an incendiary weapon. Pure evil, thing is Tungsten is a good alternative, Russia doesn't have too much trouble destroying Ukraine tanks!!! And Russia is NOT using DU. Doctor Evil (Biden) and 'Mini Me' (Sunak)

  6. USA: no skin off my ass… Richard, the US are in a win win position: Europe economically and industrially destroyed, finally Cadillac (which IMO is/was a better car compared to any top of the line Mercedes will start producing them again. My best car was a Chevy Montecarlo when I was living in the USA. Ciao.

  7. Richard, thank you for your work. What we have here are a bunch of murderers in NATO, which is pretty much US, military industrial complex. These scumbags won’t stop at nothing to continue killing and making money, unless of course someone like China or Russia or an alliance of countries will give them a taste of their own making.

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