Didn’t take the Covid vaccine? You’re also a bad driver, obviously. Now get ready to pay through the roof for insurance. Thought the pandemic was over? The corporate and State convergence nightmare is only just beginning. #pandemic #covid #vaccine

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Written by Russell Brand

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  1. Thank you for bringing this study to light. It was reported by an article called "the dailey hive " here in Vancouver and I could not help but think immediately at the division in which it sought to drive. I'm just glad I can recognize propaganda now like this when I see it. I honestly want to leave Canada if not at the very least to travel and see what else life coud be like but I feel a much more permanent transition coming on the horizon. I don't trust what is going on here, its freezing cold most of the time and everything is way too expensive. I'm over it. I hope one day Canada can be built into something better.

  2. Me: Correlation between driving accidents and being unvaccinated against Covid 19. Please support answer.
    GPT3 Ai: It is not clear how being unvaccinated against Covid-19 would directly affect the likelihood of being involved in a driving accident. However, there may be indirect factors that could influence both vaccination status and the risk of a driving accident. For example, if an individual who is unvaccinated against Covid-19 is more likely to engage in behaviors that increase the risk of getting infected with the virus, such as attending large gatherings or not wearing a mask, they may also be more likely to engage in other risky behaviors that could increase the likelihood of a driving accident. However, this is purely speculation and would need to be supported by empirical evidence.

    In general, it is important to recognize that the relationship between any two factors can be complex and may involve a variety of other variables. It is important to carefully consider all of the relevant factors and to consider the limitations of any findings when interpreting the results of a study.

  3. We enter parliament in order to supply ourselves, in the arsenal of democracy, with its own weapons. If democracy is so stupid as to give us free tickets and salaries for this bear's work, that is its affair. We do not come as friends, nor even as neutrals. We come as enemies. As the wolf bursts into the flock, so we come.

    Joseph Goebbels

  4. Oh dear this is going way too far but not surprise in Quebec Dubé is proposing this. The hard part is that in general population will agree. Here they are in the 6th round of vaccination and people despite getting a flu or covid they still getting vaccinated. Since I am here I put in question what meant 1st world country or Developed country.

  5. This whole mentality is so toxic! The first for the opportunists who cannot handle people who do not subject themselves. All is recorded, all will come back at them, they will have to eat each single of their words and they will then passionately wish they never produced nor uttered such thoughts. And the second for the hypocrisy and uselessness anyway of such methods of "analysis" – because this is not about caring but about exploitation and power. When we genuinely care and follow inner guidance, we first care to serve, we certainly don't need "avalanches of data", harvested without the awareness nor the consent of the "small fry" we are considered to be. This all serves bad faith and is of toxic mentality. This is working hard at its own doom, in a context where cosmic energies of love and light are in the process of taking over.

  6. Delete the Govts., their medias, their militaries, their big media, their big pharma, and their simple application of the laws of the land to her peoples. Death is sometimes a simple answer. I've been threatened with removal from this platform…my crimes being a serving member of our Army and an historian.

  7. the only reason why they are blaming the unvaxxed is because the truth of it being the vaxxed pass out and faint as part of their heart damage, look at all the people that pass out while on tv. Which when driving you pass out, it is a huge problem and from the vaxxed, that is why they are starting to blame the unvaxxed already.

  8. Many think they are going to be wealthy investing in the digital currencies that are going to be used in the future. Only at the cost of your freedom will you be able to use the currency. Only if you do whatever it is that the government says you have to do, will you be "wealthy". If you don't, it will be shut off. You will not be able to buy or sell just like the bible foretold.

  9. What would you expect from a propaganda mouthpiece for the medical CARTEL? The fact is, people who didn't get the jab are being PRUDENT, and it would be reasonable and logical to presume they would also be PRUDENT in their DRIVING HABITS. And they're not going to cause a VACCIDENT by having a heart attack, stroke, or seizure or dropping dead while behind the wheel.

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