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Written by Liberal Hivemind

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  1. I proudly served my Country, not the politicians, for 26 years of active duty as a Heavy Weapons/Anti-Tank Infantryman and later a UH-60 Crewchief/Mechanic.. I still fight demons every day, but i would do it all over again to honor the dream of a free and prosperous nation that once existed.

    Witnessing chaos, poverty, corruption, violence, and oppression in Haiti, Honduras, Korean DMZ, Afghanistan, and Iraq will always remind me of just how much worse our lives (as US citizens) could truly be if we dont come together and hold our government and each other to higher morals and values.

    As a Senior NCO in the US Army, it was my responsibility and honor to be a 'Servant Leader' for our Nation's sons and daughters. Teach, Coach, and Mentor. Pick up and carry the torch from the Soldiers that can no longer fight the good fight.

    Why do we elect government "leaders" that have no intention of serving their country? Whether it was a rigged/stolen election, or sheer ignorance of the voting majority, our current direction is one of disaster. But the good news is, this will not last much longer. To quote Tyler Durden:

    "It's only after we've lost everything, that we're free to do anything."

    Our country is worth fighting for. Do not wait to stand up until we've hit the bottom. Know that you are not alone in feeling like you are just one person and cant make a difference. I often told my Soldiers "Yes, its blazing hot over there. Yes, people will try to kill us over there. Yes, it will be terrifying and miserable over there. But know that I will be right next to you. I will never require a Soldier to perform a task that I have not, or will not, do myself. This experience will suck. This time away from our regular lives will be a struggle. The Army is not for everyone. Many times i felt it was no longer for me. Its ok to be scared. Its ok to be upset with the unclear reason for the current mission/operation we're fighting. I serve so hopefully one day our children won't have to."

    God, please comfort our families who will never see their loved ones who didnt make it home. Thank you Lord for the humble, honorable, selfless, brave, and patriotic Leaders of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. In your way, please guide us to prosperity and peace. Please deliver a Leader to unite our people and empower us recognize corruption, and give us the wisdom and courage to fight against it. Help us to protect our free will, and especially the free will of those who cannot fight for themselves.


  2. I do not adhere to any group, or party. I adhere to sanity. I know that the we are exposing the abundant hypocrisy of the Left, & yet I know that it isn’t a party, gang, religious, right, left, gender,… thing. Set all the BS aside & know that human dignity is the key. America is for us all. Not just for some. I love you all. If I offended anyone.. I didn’t mean it in the way that you may have thought that I did. When I said “I love you.” You we’re also included in said love. Thanks for the videos. ⚡️

  3. God Bless this Gold Star Dad. God Bless and keep all 13 families. Give them the comfort I know you graciously and lovingly gave their 13 loved ones as you received them into your arms, into your Kingdom on that fateful day as you said, “Well done thou good and faithful servants.” Before Jesus ascended into heaven, He was talking with some of His disciples. He surely reflected on all the times He had comforted them in every moment of fear or doubt they experienced. And surely at that time they were lamenting over having to say their final good-bye to Him, even though they knew He was going to Heaven to be with His Father. Still, Jesus knew they would need to be comforted once He ascended to His Heavenly Father, so in one of His last expressions of His great compassion, He made them a promise …

    And I will pray to the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; ….. I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.
    John 14:16 & 18

    Jesus promised them that The Holy Spirit would forever bring comfort to them and to all those who have
    come since in desperate need of comfort at these agonizing times of separation. Please know this separation is temporary and claim the promise Jesus made us when He said, “I will not leave you comfortless.” I pray you find comfort until THIS promise from God comes to pass;

    Luke 20:43 Till I make thine enemies thy footstool.

  4. This father epitomizes every parent who had to bury a child. I saw an interview with the sniper that August day in Afghanistan. He saw the vehicle coming. He asked chain of command." Target in site"….. no one could make a decision. Wished he would have. Course he'd be in prison right now. What time is it now joe?

  5. That Biden did this all for a photo opp makes it that much worse. Where this "Empathizer in Chief" moniker came from is beyond me! Biden has NEVER actually displayed those qualities! If you look back at how he treated constituents who asked questions…..even dating back to when he ran for President the first time in 1988 or how he treated Clarence Thomas during the Supreme Court confirmation process in 1991 and even more recently with his treatment of those suffering in East Palestine,Ohio & Maui,Hawaii! He's NEVER been that kind brother, NEVER bean that kind of father NEVER been that kind of husband, He's not even that kind of grandfather(i.e. his 4 year old granddaughter)….he's NEVER been that kind of man in general; so what in the hell gave ANYONE the idea he'd be that kind of president?

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