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As Australia makes steps to becoming a cashless society and moves towards CBDCs, how much is this about unprecedented level of government control and social credit scores, and is Australia merely a pilot scheme?
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Written by Russell Brand

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  1. @Russell Brand, is it not important that the rich awakened folk such as yourself start up a bank that cannot be shut down based on social credit requirements? Base it only on whether there is money there or not. Even if it is a CBDC based bank, people will bank there knowing they won't be shut down.

    To me it seems very simple, let them implement their laws, but start up banks that will never ban account holders from their money, even if it is digital.

  2. And here I was halfway through the video going to comment that this is the Russell I came for. 'Liberal bureaucracy'…. there you go again. It's insidious how Russell is sneaking these little brain washing things into people. The bureaucracy is multi partisan. It's coming from every side. It is funded by the rich. Stop dividing people along party lines and ideals. It's the rich against the poor. Plain and simple.

  3. The Government are our servants, democratically voted 🗳️ in by the majority of the people….. The 👑 King, who we revere, is also our servant; He serves his people and country. The banks look after the nation’s citizens with wise investments of the peoples money, NOT getting above their station trying to do anything else.

  4. For years I've been saying "You are not a banks customer, You are its partner." The bank needs your deposits to make its loans so it can charge interest. If you don't give it a deposit, it has nothing to loan. I keep telling people to remember that. The other thing I tell people is keep a bit of cash in a safe place in case a bank error says your account is unaccessible.

  5. What baffles me is the large number of people going along with this terrible idea, being ok with it, unaware of the catastrophic implications that will inevitably come from going cashless.

    People, Wake Up!! Think about where this is going..

    Moving to a digital currency only world is the major stepping stone for allowing governments complete control over your every move in society, a gateway to even more surveillance on everyone, eliminating your freedom and financial autonomy.

    It will also guarantee a social credit score system to be rolled in everywhere, giving our governments even more control over what we can or cannot do, resulting in a brand new form of slavery for everyone.
    We can't just sit back and allow this to be implemented. Bad things will happen.

  6. To stop the new and old forms of authoritarian control, about 330 million Americans would have to stop going to work for 30 days to financially decimate all the business interests controlling the government and country. Then we would have bargaining power or most of the control in our hands.
    I'm just sayin….

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