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Those in Glass Houses. Dan Andrews Ryan Meuleman

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  1. Because the Government Disinformation Propaganda Machine stops the Puppet Main Stream Media from showing or taking about it
    Remember that all Western Governments are members of the Biggest Economic Criminal Terrorist Organisation in the world the WEF 4th Reich Nazi's 💯💯💯%

  2. 10 years later? FFS. If you or I had been involved in such an accident what would have happened? Same with the story about the tasering of a 95 year old woman. If I had done that where would I be now? Awaiting a "robust" inquiry? No. Anyone seen VEEP? Any time I see the word robust used by the political 🤡 show I laugh. And feel disgusted.

    Why is society led by absolute trash?

  3. To have one "liar" in the family would be bad enough, but to have both mother and father lying through their teeth with no regard for the boy they almost killed is just plain disgusting. Is this what they teach their kids? Lie to protect yourself, no matter what the cost !!!

  4. If it bothers you all so much, do something real about it, youtube comments aren't points, it's not like the more you post the more progress you make. Seriously no one has been happy with a single politician in charge of this country for fucking years, voting them out doesn't work coz they all work together, charging them doesn't work because the police don't get paid to harass people with money and peaceful protests don't work because we don't have any public servants in the police now, it's all private security and has been for years, what's next?

  5. I am so glad that the Andrews kids were not injured. It could have been a lot more serious. Travelling at 40/60 klm/h and colliding with a teenager on a bicycle must have been traumatic for the Andrews family.
    Why was the cyclist there anyway?
    Did he give assistance to the traumatised Andrews family?
    I would assume the teenager was breathalysed for drugs and alcohol.

    Who is going to pay for all the damage to the Andrews car?
    It's not cheap to own a car these days.
    Did the cops charge the teenager for causing the accident?

    We need justice to be served in the state of Victoria.
    A man must stand up for matters of

  6. So that Vehicle was allowed to travel on Victoian Roads after a major impact on the windscreen! Let's remind Victorian Police and Vic Roads that one little crack in a driver's veiw of the Rd anywhere on a windscreen the Vehicle is deemed UnRoadworthy and given a certificate of unroadworthiness and band from roads til a Road worthy certificate is provided! The Vehicle should have been towed away!

Its happening

It’s happening 😳

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