Tim Pool Hosts Kanye and All Hell Breaks Loose

Holy christ:

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  1. Everything about all of this is so absurd.

    OBVIOUSLY not every jewelry salesman you meet is part of some collusion along the lines of ethnicity or religion, but that doesn't mean there aren't any that do or have. Framing it as an "all" problem isn't a great plan because it's wrong, but at the same time the constant NotAll defense protects the subset who do from all criticism or accountability.

    It's also ironic that this s be brought to our door, because I have never had any interest in anti jewelry salesman or any other form of bigotry for that matter, but at the same time the extreme censorship over the issue (as well as conflating ANY kind of dissent with it) has become beyond suspicious. It would be a lot easier to dismiss Ye or whomever if they weren't being treated as they are, and if they hadn't banned so many other people like AJ for example, not that AJ had any bigotry problems that I know of, but because it appears to me he's unduly persecuted really for true things he said but with his errors as the public excuse. Super sus.

    I also condemn Socialism in general, including the National kind. Envy and resentment leading to theft and murder isn't good for anyone. I'm no fan of anything done by them in WWII.

    At the same time, the behavior of media and tech giants and such would seem to at least somewhat prove that there's at least some point from Ye/Fuentes or whomever, and I really don't like being put in a position to have to admit or even consider that. It's all such a ck up.

  2. I've been a fan of Tim Pool since his Vice days but man was he in the wrong here.
    This was an opportunity to elevate his reputation to the next level just like the Joe Rogan podcast appearance couple of years ago.
    These massive moments come once in a few years if you're lucky; having Kanye West as your guest is one of them.
    If he conducted this interview by reading the room instead of reading the script he could have achieved global acclaim like Patrick Bet-David, but Tim did his wishy-washy stepping-on-thin-lines to not offend the 'marginalized'.
    If you want to uncover the truth, you have to be steadfast in your beliefs. Truth hurts and that's life.
    If Tim wants to recover from this terrible mistake, he should either apologize to Kanye or tell the whole world what his true beliefs/politics really are.
    How can you play BOTH sides of the fence and call yourself REAL?

  3. They wouldn't have to deal with us and them if they didn't insist on dividing people into different groups. I think that they should be prosecuted heavily over every rule that they enforced on the masses and with every punishment that they inflicted on the masses.

    They aren't the only ones with copies of nearly everything on the internet for the last twenty years.

  4. Why is it deemed hаtе speech, оffеnsive & rасist (anti-sеmitiс specifically) to correctly point out that Jеws wield an extremely outsized level of pоwer in comparison to their minuscule percentage of the population? Why is it unacceptable to ask questions or make оbservatiоns to the level that those who do it have to be muzzlеď “or else?”

  5. The problem with the whole purism defense you put out here, is that Tim spent literally months talking about how people (apparently other people) needed to stand up to it, even if it might hurt them. Normally I'd agree with the point you're making, but in the case of Tim specifically, it makes him a sniveling hypocrite.

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