Timcast IRL – Ye, Fuentes, Milo Join To Discuss Trump Dinner And Ye24

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  1. You know what he’s going through . The whole world is attacking this man & he’s risking everything he has his family and his respect & as a man respect is super important just let the man talk because for the most part he’s been right about everything including balenciaga

  2. Lol Kanye can't handle a tiny bit of pushback asking him to explain his opinions so people can actually understand why he thinks the way he does instead of just blaming the Jews how about you actually come out and say all of the people's names that are doing bad shit to you but no instead of doing that you just walk off how the hell do you think you can be president acting like that what do you think the debate stage is going to be like absolutely pathetic on Kanye's part.

  3. Tim has an issue with constantly interrupting and not letting people speak. We all know how you view things already Tim. It's better when we can hear the guests speak more so we can understand their viewpoint and once you get the whole story you can try to provide your own viewpoint. Interjecting while people are in the middle of their thoughts are frustrating. Also disregarding his premise was probably the reason you made him leave when he was just telling the truth about a certain group of people that he is never allowed to talk about and is constantly questioned like you were doing. The show would've been infinitely more interesting to just let the three of them run wild and talk about their experiences etc and maybe towards the end you can start putting your own ideas out for them. To instantly start trying to discredit them immediately just made it seem like you wanted to get ahead of the conversation.

  4. Jordan Peterson and YE are both interesting when they speak. Peterson looks up and ponders ads if he is writing the rough draft of his statement in his head, while YE straight says the rough part out load while trying to get to the point. You can see that here and very much when he spoke with Rogan.

  5. He's probably flustered with the Adam crigler drama and feels his empire he created facing a major threat. Ye talking about stuff Tim is worried youtube would ban him over is very understandable. Tough road to walk. Not sure what I would have done. I missed the drama and got here late. Kinda hesitant to watch the full episode lmao

  6. I lost a lot of respect for Kanye tonight.

    He seemed narcissistic and having grandiose delusions.

    He came on the show expecting to get fellatio.

    “I didn’t ask for your opinion. I care about your opinion about how I can get elected. But I don’t care about your opinion”

    That statement summarized everything for me.

    It’s Timcast, not the Kanye show.

    Milo’s a psychopath too

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