Top Ukraine Commander Says SCREW YOU To US Warnings Of Escalation | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar discuss statements from a top Ukraine general saying he will not listen to the US on striking Russia.

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Written by Breaking Points

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  1. They are acting entitled but never forget one key fact: They are doing exactly what we wish we could do (Kill russians) but what we CANNOT do without starting WWIII. Not only does ukraine give us the opportunity to severely attrit the russian military, we are able to do it without shedding any american blood in the process. All we have to do is supply the weaponry which would have to do either way if we were fighting them directly. This is honestly a great deal on our part. All we have to do is send them munitions and equipment that for the most part is surplus laying around in huge stockpiles and was built over the last 50+ years for exactly the purpose of destroying the russians. The ukrainian lack of caring what we think comes from the fact that they are the ones dying by the thousands to this end, not us.

  2. I align with BP quite a bit on many USA domestic issues, but their foreign policy, especially in regards to Ukraine, is dogsh$t. Every issue they cover is from the Russian perspective, castigating Ukraine. On cluster munitions – Russia has been using cluster munitions since day 1, in civilian areas, in CITIES, with dud rates in the 10, 15, 20% + rate. The only thing they can say is to scream about Ukraine saying they will use them outside of cities, in areas RUSSIA has already mined. Russia has put multiple MILLIONS of mines into Ukrainian territory – where is the outrage?. Russia has blown up hundreds of bridges in Ukraine, they've blown up the NK Dam for christ's sake, and Breaking Points can only talk about how attacking the K.S. Bridge is such an "escalation"? What the fk are you 2 even paying attention too?

  3. Since nukes are no longer a deterrent, then why don't we stop wasting billions on building, maintaining and storing nukes? Nothing stops war profiteers from profiteering. Democracy is a farce, the military is always the final judge, jury and jailer. We're jailed when it comes to ending wars, we have no power.

  4. The danger of nuclear war is by far the biggest issue here. A blase attitude toward that risk is insane, and anyone who is blase about it has no business running for president.

    Of course the U.S. continues to send whatever weapons Ukraine wants. The U.S. is fighting a proxy war against Russia, and the main goal of the U.S. here is to weaken Russia in order to increase U.S. global hegemony. This is all totally immoral and unethical, but hey, what does one expect from an empire?


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