Trudeau adding MILLIONS of new immigrants to Canada by 2026

Despite the fact that Canadians are clearly opposed to unsustainable mass immigration and the importation of millions of people to Canada who may not share our fundamental values, the Trudeau government doubled down on record immigration levels at a press conference yesterday. Canada is on pace to add millions of new people into the country by 2026 despite knowing that the housing supply, infrastructure, and social programs can’t keep up.

If that wasn’t bad enough, thanks to a leaked concept paper from the Israeli intelligence agency, it is looking increasingly likely that Canada will accept large numbers of Palestinian refugees fleeing the Gaza Strip. Many of these refugees support Hamas and pose a major risk – so much so that their own Arab neighbours aren’t taking them in.

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  1. We already have a major shortage of housing and a serious shortage of medical personnel, including doctors. I have been without a family doctor for nearly four years with no foreseeable prospect of ever getting one.

    And now Justin and his little minions want to increase the pressure on the housing stock and increase the strain on what passes for a "health care system" by bringing in millions on new immigrants.

    The sooner Justin & Company are voted out of office, the better.

  2. Trudeau and his Liberal/NDP Regime are not trying to fix any problem… They are simply trying to destroy this country. These poepl coming here are mostly the lowest of of the low (not all are) bottom of the barrel criminals and people who are not interested in helping our country. These people are interested in making just like. The country that they left..

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