Trudeau, MSM BETRAYED The Canadian Working Class And Persecuted Protesting Truckers: BJ Dichter

Spokesperson for the Benjamin J. Dichter Freedom Convoy B.J. Dichter discusses the portrayal of February’s Freedom Convoy by the legacy media. #freedomconvoy #freedom

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Written by The Hill

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  1. Thanks to Batya for calling out Trudeau's fascism! These WEF lickspittles need to be constantly exposed for what they are. News cycles move quick but we should never forget what happened in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Segregation, discrimination, constant government lies and fudged statistics, an absolute shitshow that can't be condemned enough.

  2. Only the neoconservatives and their allies will pretend that they are not as guilty as the neoliberals and pseudo-progressives. The so called conservative acted to control the market when they banned the railroad unions from striking. They should be well aware that action was a fascistic-socialistic action.

    If that strike was such a threat to the USA then break up the cartels involved using anti-trust law and so encourage competition.

  3. Since 2015, the Trudeau government has given 600 million dollars to the mainstream media saying that it is necessary because of the changing landscape of media. So if your organization was given 600 million dollars, would you say anything that might shed light on untruths against the government – don't bite the hand that feeds you 😉 😉

  4. The so-called MSM is a marxist/fascist weapon of mass dystraction being used by the WEF (NWO) globalists to incite violence and racial hatred throughout the western and eastern world, of course they lie and cover-up the racial atrocities in ukraine and israel, the worst racial offenders, while instigating violence in other countries. The MSM should be disbanded and purged by all independant countries and replaced by real journalists within their national borders. Biden and the MSM has betrayed the US even worse than trudeau betrayed canada. I'm sure robbies mother has explained how it works to him, but he plays dumb with the rest of them.

  5. Media needs to stop saying that trucks blockaded roads in Ottawa.
    The inquest proved that police assigned the trucks to park on the streets and later used k barriers to block them in place.
    Politicians suggested that all they needed to do was go home-tough to do with Blockaded in place.

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