Trudeau Supports Protests Against Covid Lockdowns IN CHINA

Justin Trudeau and the mainstream media come out in support of protests against covid lockdowns and the policies of the Chinese Communist Party not one year after Invoking the Emergencies Act on peaceful protests here in Canada for the same thing.

CTV News:

Glen McGregor’s vendetta:

Trudeau Supports Protests:

Avi Yemini:

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  1. I truly hope the fact that it's the SAME new programs, reporting this now and also in February, will wake some of these daft people up from their daze. I mean, trying to get my dad to take a YouTube videos seriously will NOT happen. He's stuck on Legacy media. Maybe the moron (yes, my father) will see the hypocrisy now……….I have my doubts.

  2. Recall , Trudeau publicly said he supported India's farmers who were protesting for months .

    " Canada will always be there for the rights of peaceful protest . We believe in the importance of dialog , and that's why we've reached out to the Indian authorities "

    It seems Justin likes to gas light , either that or he is Loonie Tunes – possibly both .

    India's farmers were upset because they wanted minimum support price .
    But behind their backs , at the World Trade Organization , Trudeau was opposing minimum support price
    and against India subsidizing their farmers .
    BTW : India's media hates Trudeau for interfering with their domestic affairs .

  3. put a white piece of paper on your door to support the cause and draw attention. It is very important that people are aware of what is happening in China, because the sooner more poeple see it, the sooner more people will see what the Truckers saved us from. China today is the covidian end-game result. It is horrifying and saddening.

  4. Justin Trudeau needs to step down, he is in favor of big goverиmeиt диd does not care for the averдge Cдnadian, we must not allow him to do what totalitarian Мы должны искоренить всю оппозицию. мы не можем позволить этому идиоту оставаться у власти намного дольше Canadians I stand with you.


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