Trump ANNOUNCES Call For Peace (clip)

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Written by Sabby Sabs

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  1. The Democratic Party is dead!! It's the Socialist Party now. You want the Democratic Party to go back to what it was? No! God no! The Democratic Party was a pro-slave party, advocated and enforced Jim Crow Laws, opposed anti-Lynching Laws, the KKK was the Democratic Party's militant arm, the party was pro-segregation, and opposed the the Civil Rights Act! That is the Democratic Party's history. The Democratic Party wanted to enslave and suppress the black community. The Socialist Party wants to enslave and suppress everybody regardless of race. All this being said…I enjoy your videos.

  2. Trump “tried” to pull out of Syria and the generals straight up ignored him, he pulled out of a nuclear treaty creating a new arms race with Russia. He’s either lying or the military industrial complex with shut that shit down, but during the election if trump is the only guy running on ending the Ukraine war a lot of folks are gonna be sold on that alone. And of course the go to smear for anyone questioning the billions we send to Ukraine will be, “you sound like trump!!!”

  3. The Dems have ALWAYS been a war party, Sab. They've NEVER been on the side of peace or the worker. Look at Kennedy, who was one of your countries biggest warmongers.

    Liberals in general have NEVER been anti-war, not that I remember and I'm older than you. I've been part of the anti-war movement since the first Iraq invasion and liberals have always been pro-war. at best they just dress it up with "But what's the alternative?" kind of arguments.

    This is why we need to work for change outside electoral politics. It's all a huge psyop, it's all matrix.

  4. What are you really afraid of Sabby!? You say Democrats need to get back on the side of FDR… But we all know that's not going to happen. Your all over the place, can't figure out if you really want to push for Democrat votes or go independent finally???

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