Trump Calls For DEESCALATION In Ukraine; Only Politician BRAVE ENOUGH? Brie & Robby Discuss

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react to former President Trump calling for de-escalation in the war in Ukraine. #Ukraine #ukrainewar #trump

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  1. Blood on Trumps hands as well almost started all out conflict in the middle East with his drone attacks,obviously Biden has taken it much further but America leadership either party are war mongers.
    I Think that Trump see the middle East as a cash cow,where the Biden family had business interests in Ukraine.

  2. is trump flawed? of course. but as bad as he is, he isn't a total sellout, that is his appeal. Most of our political class hate the people of this country & aren't on our side at all, they allow wide open borders to give our country away to other people, they outlaw cheep energy in some vain attempt to control the climate when their own projections show almost zero impact, they try to force us to wear useless cloth mask on our face in public as a show of submission to their authority & demonize anyone who doesn't comply, they lie to our face when everyone knows they are lying. How can they go these things & not hate us?

  3. The downplaying of Trump's statement is ridiculous. He was President for 4 yrs during the Ukraine/Russia conflict while the Military Industrial Complex and their sidekicks from Congress were never able to escalate the war to this level. The media called him a Putin puppet for doing what Biden can't do as a leader. negotiate. Congress impeached Trump for postponing $400M in military aid to Ukraine before September's deadline siting it was unconstitutional blackmail to bribe the newly appointed stooge from NATO Vladimir Zelensky to dig up dirt on political rival Joe Biden who was running a distant 4th place at the time during the Democrat primaries.
    Donald Trump's words have never been more true than they are today as the M.I.C. along with their sidekicks from Congress is able to fulfill their wish list to shift their money laundering operation from Afghanistan to Ukraine with no regard for the human souls lost during a time of war.

  4. The problem is that the US and NATO have enraged the Russians by the US/NATO aggression of the last 8 or more years. Russia DOES NOT TRUST THE LIARS IN THE WEST. And, Russia has a much more powerful military than the US and THEY ARE WINNING. Russia will dictate the terms for peace, there will be no negotiation.

    It's not Biden's fault, it is the fault of every American president since Truman.

  5. This administration is selling hard the idea that the people of Donetsk and Luhansk want to be under the rule of Kyiv, when that is clearly not the case. Prior to the war even the MSM continually said these areas were full of pro-Russian separatists that wanted independent states. But you never hear that now on the MSM. It is today a heretical statement that has you branded as Putin's puppet. So much of this is Orwellian. I feel horrible for the ordinary Ukrainian who has lost total normalcy in their lives.

    I never forget the incident in Poland Brie mentioned. On that day Zelensky, when two Polish farm workers were killed in Poland by a stray missile, demanded within hours that NATO attack Russia directly. This would have precipitated WWIII. Of course that turned out to be a Ukrainian misfire. A short time later he addressed the U.S. Congress and basically asked for the weaponry to launch such a retaliatory attack himself. And he is now getting such weapons. So what happens the next time? The Russians know exactly who they are fighting.

  6. i dont want to see people suffer as rich elites and greedy petrol merchants, use governments to fight a war for their profit, while civilians pay the price in death, suffering, relocation, and hunger.. if 81 billion bought Peace.. sold.. but this is not what we are getting..

  7. Robbie, you said you agree with trump with regards to trying to avoid war then you you say Lindsey and Trumps unfinished business is war. You’re a walking contradiction.

    Then you complain that Trump hired people that disagree with him…. It’s that a good thing? Why would you want yes men only?

  8. Trump was ridiculous. His campaign was fantastic. He finally took on the Establishment, both political parties, and it was long overdue. Trumps problem is has an incredibly weak ego. Flattery will get one everywhere with Trump. As Robbie pointed out, what was John Boltan, the war crazed psychopath, doing in the Trump administration. What was Mike Pompeo doing in the administration, another neocon psychopath.Trump wanted to stop China from destroying our manufacturing base and using mercantilism to undercut our economic well being. Bob Lighthizer, the trade representative, called out China on their unfair trade practices and had an ironclad deal to stop China's unfair practices. Eric Kusner and Neoliberal Steve Mnunchin destroyed the deal. The "populists" Trump's biggest accomplishment was a Wall Street and Corporate dream, a huge tax cut for them. Some populists. He gives a great speech about getting us out of the Ukraine disaster and then he campaigns for the war crazed lunatic Lindsey Graham. Trump has great charisma and great instincts but doesn't deliver.

  9. So let's think about this for a second. We have no way of knowing what kind of actions Trump might take in office, that's what they said right? It's almost like we have no sampling of what kind of a president he could potentially make. I mean, just imagine what kind of policies he might have, we just have no way of knowing what he might do. No idea at all….

    Think about that.

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