Trump Would Resolve Russia-Ukraine War in One Day | Joe Rogan Experience

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Taken from JRE #2000 w/Duncan Trussell

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  1. Democrats have certainly not always been antiwar.
    Woodrow Wilson, got us into WWI
    Truman Korea
    And we started involvement in Vietnam under Truman, and JFK and LBJ certainly didn’t get us out.
    Obama certainly wasn’t anti war, how many countries did he invade? At least 5, while continuing others.
    Democrats AND Republicans have been pro war for well over a century.

  2. 1:29 a vast majority of all legislators were for the Iraq war too. Everyone felt it would be hard to get reelected if they weren’t. Only a few voted against or even made any statement against the war. There was too much money to be made. Off we went destabilizing an entire region because we had no exit strategy and very little real strategy to address the conflict as we fought it. Firing the army with no real plan of how to reintegrate them into the economy basically fed thousands of somewhat trained soldiers into the Taliban and ISIS.

  3. The thing that drives me crazy about this is hes just talking. Thats what hes done a lot and hes been proven to lie a lot. As well as to being a big con man. I dont like biden hut hes full of sh1t at the end of the day. If he can sit down and work it out why doesnt he… Simply put he cannot broker peace between them. Nothing controversial about what he said besides the fact he lying shamelessly lol. I cant stand biden or trump they both suck. Want to know who would actually do good for this country taking away from the rich giving more to the working class an poor. It was Bernie thats why the DNC rather have Hillary fail and trump get it than Bernie get it. They knew he was the real deal and made him think they was gonna do some of the things he wanted but jsut out their own spin on it with biden.

  4. You know they have to be the opposite to get he most votes right? if ones for the wall the general mass that want the wall will have a factor in their decision and the people that don't want the wall the group up with each other. If we were to have 2 parties for the wall they have to fight for those votes.

  5. It's embarrassing to see how ignorant Rogan is about politics. He doesn't know what party Lindsay Graham is in? He certainly doesn't know Graham is a corrupt, war mongering, uniparty scumbag.
    It's no wonder he avoids politics because whenever he opens his mouth about it he proves himself to be a fool.

  6. "The war is a result of faulty politics" john titor.

    He can't end a war in a day. That's bullshit. Just something to say to get voters out voting.

    Just like the wall. Just like locking clinton up. Just like the pro gun stuff (he's all for red flag laws & bump stock bans)

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