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Tucker Carlson on the Socio-political Scene of Australia in 2023

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  1. Watching that Mighty Car Mods off road special where they were scanning their digital ID's for proof of vaccination to be allowed to check out in stores was my last bit of respect for australia gone.

    Then I left a comment about it and got plenty of angry comments in return about how I was the bad guy.

  2. The spirit isn't gone, it's just confused. We're still in shock that our governments, and various institutions are so corrupt – but we are now realizing just how bad the country has become, and just like the martians out of war of the worlds, we're carefully plotting our moves to rid the country of it's corruption.

  3. Because our politicians are paid shills over here also .. they have even more evil plans for anyone that wants to live a free happy life .. like 20 minute towns ,social scoring system,digital rainbow currency and facial recognition. They have quarrantine camps at the ready for dissidants. They refuse to do heart transplants on dieying people that have vax exemptions . I could go on for hours and so could the other 2 million protestors that get no air time.

  4. The australian spirit died at the semi auto gun reform. . Now the govt is armed the people are not so we get tyranny.. evil deceives, steals ,controls and kills . The falsely elected leaders manipulate ,intimidate then dominate just like satans demons..And those that like being controlled enable the govt to control us .

  5. As an Australian i see it every day and wish what Tucker is saying wasnt true but it is. Itll take a rebellion to stop the complete destructing of our society but the majority are broken n just want to slave to pay their mortgages before they die. Whilst i understand it I'm not amongst those and am trying to awaken those i can but no one seems interested in protecting or preserving our rights of which we have so few

  6. The saddest fact is that the government is only a reflection of the society that votes them into power.
    Our society, its values and its beliefs have been spiralling into depravity as the long march of secularism has dismantled everything that was good about country.
    We have no one to blame but ourselves. Unless we repent as a nation, it will continue to decline along with the entirety of Western civilisation.

  7. Its not broken . We have 2 types of australians
    30% from all walks of life that are unbreakable and would rather die than give in. But unfortunately we have 70% of wich have no backbone. Live for worldly pleasures, rather a pay check than there rights. And then there is the 70% of that group that have not even realised anything changed over the last 3yrs. No idea at all. They dont know, dont want to know, and dont care about nothing that dont effect there worldly possesions. No integrity. No nothing. Just a bunch of useless cnts.

  8. An organic movement of250,000 people converging in the nation's capital, coming from all corners of the country. I drove 1800km in 25 hrs to get there at the drop of a hat, others drove much further. We've got plenty of spirit left you maggot.
    True the majority are too consumed by greed, sport, fish and beer but we aren't having it.
    No one turns away from this truth, our numbers only grow because of all the people who have been injured, or know someone injured or dead from clot shots, as well as those who were coerced and won't get another.
    We stayed peaceful in Canberra and it was great, and so did the police, but at the end of the day they weren't game to bully anyone. It was the biggest political gathering in Australia's history and was barely reported on the main stream media

  9. Australia is a big place, I lived in Queensland att & we had full freedom during the outbreak. The tyranny & spirit breaking you mention happened in Victoria where freedoms were severely curtailed, ppl were arrested for stupid things like FB posts, not wearing masks, even while driving, for being outside of your designated area, being found with someone from outside of your house in public. Crazy thing is that their leader aka Chairman Dan, pictured, was recently re-elected

  10. Nah we haven't lost our spirits.. it's the so called "new Australian" who have run away from a country that have no values. And then spit on true blue Australian moral values.. it's like teaching an old dog new tricks … it can't be done!

  11. They diluted the Australian spirit by mass immigration for decades, while simultaneously denouncing and shaming Australian values continuously, sadly the Australian spirit is gone, itā€™s every man for themselves and only the mighty $$ is worshipped. The government and elites have completely destroyed this nation for their own personal greed and egos.

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