Tucker Carlson Talks To Colonel Douglas Macgregor About The Ukraine War

Tucker Carlson spoke with Colonel Douglas Macgregor about the Ukraine war

Written by TheDC Shorts

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  1. This is just another South Vietnam. We are slowly being drawn into this war. I agree with everything the speaker is saying. I served in the army as a draftee. Our current military is absolutely not ready for a real war. Too many decisions made concerning our military is done by quotas. In too many instances individuals have been promoted to leadership positions who aren't the best qualified candidates for leadership. The other part of this disaster is our country has a huge deficit for leadership in all aspects of our government. Look at Biden and administration the entire administration is incompetent. Next look at our defense secretary this individual is absolutely incompetent. Next look at the generals in our military every top general in our pentagon is not an effective leader. Just look at the failures in Afghanistan. Our military didn't know that Afghanistan was a failure when we pulled our military out. Our military leadership is incompetent.

  2. Who to believe? Mr dreizinreport says otherwise. McGregor, was on Tucker Carlsonā€™s Twitter show. With The Great Counter-Suck-Fensive not going well, heā€™s upped his figure of Ukrainian military deaths to 400,000.

    Under modern conditions, that would mean 1.6 million wounded, including OVER 300,000 major amputees in need of prostheses; severe burn victims in need of possibly multiple surgeries; brain/spinal trauma victims in need of wheelchairs, walkers, and/or EXTENSIVE physical therapy; blinded in need of rehabilitation, etc.

    As Iā€™ve covered, if this were the caseā€¦..


  3. We Aussies visited San Francisco in August 2023 and saw thousands of homeless people shitting and pissing on the streets in broad daylight. Meanwhile, in Las Vegas we saw thousands of gamblers in casinos losing their money and making the owners super rich. America has gone to the dogs and the trillions of dollars sent to Ukraine will surely bankrupt America forever.The top ten American billionaires own more than the bottom 235,000,000 Americans combined.

  4. Where is he getting these statistics??? I have seen absolutely nothing to this effect. Russians have never treated the Ukranians "gently". Lets be realistic here, I have seen footage of the opposite. I would love to see where he is getting this information because EVERYTHING appears to the contrary. The Ukranians are NOT wasteful with their men so it was ALWAYS going to be a slow laborious advance from Ukraine. The Russians, on the other hand, have been sending their green troops in massive waves (like they did in WWII) and then following up with their veterans that survived the initial days of the war. PROVE ME WRONG PLEASE. I would happily accept ANY proof to the contrary.

  5. The Javelin missile story was already proven to be false. It was an AT4 (which the U.S. has supplied to Latin American countries). The average American income number is incorrect. The misleading "average American income tax" stated right after the $31,000 claim is misleading and false. The income tax on $31,000 is approximately $5,000. The M1A Abrams tank is not outdated and outclassed. It is still the most dominant tank on the global battlefield. And many more incorrect and hyperbolic claims…I agree with his position, we should not be involved in Ukraine, but this dude is so full of shit on his data that he discredits himself.

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