Tucker Carlson: This is one of the most important stories of our time

Fox News host Tucker Carlson calls out government officials for allegedly suppressing speech ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ #FoxNews #tucker

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  1. DONT TRUST POLICE/CRIMINALS WITH BADGES! My friend was driving and pulled over by police in Caledonia, Wisconsin. They charged him with a DUI, It's driving under influence of something, my friend got charged with it and he was clean. Took his blood, blew in the thing, chemical swabbed his money and found methamphetamine on 1 of his dollars, so they charged him with dui and for possession of methamphetamine which they chemical swabbed his money so they had no weight lol and also charged him with paraphernalia for the dollar it was inside of! He lost his 28 hour job, almost his storage with his 50000 worth of snap-on tools and his harley motor cycle, his newer chevy truck got impounded. If I didn't get my boss to bail him out for $10000 cash bail, he would of lost all that! Attorneys fees were 6000 and he's still fighting it, for 6 months now, every 2 weeks they make him do a drug test which is 140 bucks, he has no job, can't get a job with all the court dares and having to go to drug testing. Courts said they are waiting on blood test, well it just came in after 6 months and didn't have a thing it! He's still fighting it to this day! The prosecutor,, judge and cops are all tyrannical criminals! Guy did nothing wrong but they ruined his life over a tragic stop! This needs to stop! They set these busts up so it furthers their carreer and they use previously convicted people because they know they are broke and cant fight it. Help us someone? You don't want what happened to my friend because of a rookie pig trying to move up in the ranks on getting a big bust. Thanks for reading, I will get my friends story to go viral if I have to waste every moment of my life trying…. we need to expose these bad attorneys, bad prosecutors, bad judges for letting this happen and the criminals with badges that caused this! The judge, the prosecutor for not finding this case idiotic and thrown out, that makes them a accessory to a crime for his civil rights! and my friends idiot attorney that charged him 6000 bucks to do nothing!! She should of had it thrown out on lack of evidence! I will not rest until all involved are exposed and fired! Please help our struggle and pass this on. Thank you, together in numbers we can move mountains!

  2. And? So what Tucker. All this talk about illegal this, rights violated and all this crap. The question we should be asking ourselves is what will happen to these people. The answer is a resounding NOTHING. Wake up idiots. The constitution means nothing. You have privileges not rights and they can be taken away in a second with no trial or reason. If they were right then politicians would not be able to do this. The POTUS, the DNC, Goveners and even lowly mayors defy the law and the SCOTUS all the time and what happens? NOTHING. The US is BS.

  3. Tucker, you are the sanest person who tells the truth. I gave up on Fox (on cable, after 2017) but I listen to your segments. Ukraine is a sham, and anyone who wants to find the truth watch John Mearsheimer’s “Why Ukraine is the West’s Fault” which gives the timeline of this entire debacle from its inception in 2014. That was when it was formulated.

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