Tucker Carlson Tonight 12/2/22 FULL | BREAKING FOX NEWS December 2, 2022

Tucker Carlson Tonight 12/2/22 FULL
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Written by Habibe Ruya

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  1. Biden, DNC, FBI/KGB, DOJ, all Dem elected officials, along with many, many RINO's, should be investigated by special council and held accountable, until they are there is zero faith in our current government! It is all a shame, illegal, banana government owned and operated by the evil leftist progressive liberals!

  2. Face it. After four years of planning, there is NO report, of ANY kind, no matter how shocking the FACTS that would have changed the Democrat/RINO/Deep State's PRE-PLANNED, DESIRED (OBVIOUSLY frau du lent) "Results" of the 2020 Presidential "sElection."🙏♥️🇺🇲✌

  3. YouTube is still censoring the truth about the Wuhan lab origin of the covid 19 virus as evidenced here where they filled the last few minutes of tuckers broadcast with the video of some indescript game. This again is a violation of the first amendment, and a violation of my personal right to know the truth of how China, and their cronies around the world treat dissidents. Cronies like YouTube who bow to the ccp.

  4. There's more"Twitter Files" coming tomorrow. I'm guessing this will be an ongoing thing for a bit. This has been going on for years, and not just with Twitter, with all social media, all main stream media.
    This is just the beginning people. It's gonna real uncomfortable before it gets comfortable again.

  5. If they ban Twitter from the app store and google play store then Elon Musk will sue Apple and Google and end up owning both of those companies that is Elon Musk told Tim Cook! You really want to pull a stunt like that on the richest man in the world? Not to mention that every owner of an apple phone and Android phone would throw those phones in the trash and buy Elon Musk new Tesla smart phone immediately!

  6. All these people should be dragged to testify in front of congress so they name everyone from the government involved in this conspiracy and if they refuse to name names, they should be thrown in jail. We need every FBI agent, every congressman, and every DNC member that's involved in this scandal and, at the very least, throw them out of their positions of power and ban them from ever occupying any public service office or law position. They really deserve to be thrown in jail but I settle for kicking them out and never again be allowed to hold any position of power.

  7. So does this make it true when Trump said the 2020 Presidential election was stolen from him because apparently it was by the DNC and Democrats in office that approved violating Americans 1st Amendment right to free speech while also withholding important information from voters which would have certainly changed the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election.
    And all those Democrat politicians in positions of elected power in the government who are directly responsible for demanding that Twitter withhold critical information from the public and even directed a private company to ban and free speech among citizens to discuss it or make it more widely known only three weeks prior to the 2020 Presidential elections, will they now be impeached by Congress for violating their oath of office to swear to uphold the rights of American citizens and protect the rights of citizens according to the US Constitution?
    So how are these people going to be punished for denying voters and American citizens their right to free speech after they all took an oath to protect the rights of citizens under the US Constitution?
    These ELECTED POLITICIANS violated their oath of office to protect Americans citizens rights under the US Constitution so will they now be impeached by the newly elected Congress beginning January 1, 2023?

  8. Asking where you're from is not racist, it's polite and it's showing genuine interest for the person being asked by the person asking the question. It's called manners and holding a conversation. People like this lady complaining about racism are just grievance mongers. I get asked where I'm from all the time, I guess because of my accent, and I always answer "I'm from New Jersey and originally from Cuba". I never take offense for that because it's not offensive and, by the way, I get asked that question by other Hispanics more frequently than by Americans, probably because they are afraid of me taking offense from such an innocent question. People need to chill and stop seeing evil intent in every little thing. Racism does exist but you have to see it for what it really is, utter ignorance and those people who always look at people different as them as victims, I've got news for them, that condescension is a disgusting form of racism. We are not victims and don't need your patronizing to make it in the world; we, like you, are also God's creatures and like you have the same gifts endowed by the creator to all human beings.

  9. All them, Democrat politicians, thank him for stealing the money laws that help them get their votes in doesn’t matter if the monies corrupt or not the devil himself stop down with them in and say I’ve got millions of dollars to give to you Democrats and they would sit there and look at them and say thank you thank you

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