Tucker SCOFFS At Trump Ukraine Plan, Calls Him “Autistic” | Counter Points

Ryan and Emily react to Tucker Carlson calling Trump a little autistic on the Full Send podcast when asked about his promise to end the war in Ukraine in 24 hours.

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Written by Breaking Points

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  1. "WHAT WOULD THE USA NEED A SOLVENT BANK TO FIGHT WORLD WAR 3?" and other retarded bullshit from the shit for brains DC media nobodies.

    I mean seriously THERE IS STILL A METRO LINE SYSTEM THAT NEEDS TO RUN AND THAT COSTS MONEY TOO yes, yes? Meanwhile whilst watching a Bugs Bunny cartoon suddenly the Chancellor of Germany arriving For Talks was made clear!

  2. Any so called conservative like Tucker and Trump rooting for a C0mmunlst dlctat0r like Putln who calls all Ukrainians Nazls are hypocritical MFers. Thought they hate c0mmunlsm? They don't even realize Putln is using the same tactics on Ukrainians as black Bloc 🐜 IFA does on them by saying their all Nazls.

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