Tucker’s warning if Ukraine war continues

Fox News host Tucker Carlson dives deep into the propaganda campaign that began years before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’
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  1. To be honest, even though I view the Russians and Chinese as hostile, even though I would never be afraid to put a bullet in a Ivan's head, we all gotta admit these leaders keep using Russia as a scapegoat. (I'm sorry folks, Russia may sound like a country of religious freedom but they have restrictions against evangelicals and Jehovah's witnesses over there)

  2. Tucker you are just like all the other overpaid pundits out there. Whether talking about Bongino or Watters or Hannidy, you point out the massive corrupt failures of the US government, but you don't make any suggestions as to what the American people can do to change the situations. Why? Because the corruption is so deeply embedded in America that the Americans are completely impotent to stop anything the elites decide to do. If they do… then January 6th arrests and imprisonment all over again. You guys in the media are just empty suits and useless. Voting for democracy??? What a joke!

  3. Ukraine is a corrupt country (Bidens/Pelosi/Kerry's and many european politicians washing money) Ukraine provoked Russia into an attack. "Lasting and unconditional support" – what about lasting and unconditional support to the U.S.? Ukraine could break the U.S. budget. Some people in the U.S. are making a ton of money by creating a war with Russia. The media keeping true facts from the people.

  4. The only reason the Republican Party even exists today is because they have established a system of misinformation, outright lying, cover ups, fear mongering, expert spin doctors to spread

    their phony narratives and support from corrupted religions leaders. Republican Politicians know they have a shallow minded one or two issue constituent base and also know they can easily

    fool them into believing anything that is fed to them.

  5. Russia is not a Christian country, did you forget it was Soviet Union which pushed atheist ideas down their throats? Putin was KGB, you could not be a Christian and serve the KGB, all Christian were shipped away or imprisoned or killed. Did you also forget Putin came against all other Christian churches that were not Russian Orthodox? Remember in 2016 he clamped down on Christians who were not of the Orthodox church. You can't share your faith or share openly your faith. You say Ukraine has less freedom? No Tucker, Russia does!!!

  6. Putin loves Trucker. Putin forces Russian TV to play Trucker Carlson show in Russia. Trucker is Putin’s biggest foreign asset in America. You have to wonder why Trucker’s allegiance is not with America it’s with Russia. What has Putin got on Trucker more pee pee tapes like he has on Trump. Trucker what a disgusting liar!!!!!!!!!

  7. Tucker Carlson – this is not news, this might as well be Russian propaganda and you know it as well as I do. You discredit Americans by trying to tell them what to think. Russia has no claim and no right to attack any of the countries around it unless you think it is ok that they have had a history of doing this since the beginning of the Russian Empire. Brutality is not a right and the fact that they have destroyed and conquered these countries in the past doesn't make them a part of Russia. Fox needs to try to start giving us real news rather than propaganda and talking points of the mentally disturbed far right.

  8. Ukraine is very unimportant country for America. The eastern European ordinary people hate Zionist's USA imperialism. America leave eastern Europe and don't forget to take with you your CIA, IMF, World Bank and your filthy neoliberalism, before you end up like Soviet empire.

  9. Mr. Biden thinks he is president of Ukraine. ;Mr. Biden did NOT go to East Palestine to help and give comfort to our own people. All we hear from Mr. Biden's administration is about Ukraine and our Billions of dollars going to the corrupt Ukrainian government. What about student debt relief? You will never get it. What about our roads and bridges that are falling apart. What about modern efficient public transportation. What about our climate crisis? Oh, they made it much worse with the war and the blow up of the Nord Stream pipeline. Awful

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