Tulips: Binance Is Bleeding An Insane Amount Of Money!

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Market Recap:
0:00 Intro
0:30 California Winter Storm
2:50 In Focus: Powell Sweden Comments
6:15 In Focus: Tsunami Of Layoffs
8:35 In Focus: Tulip Market
20:10 Market Performance
21:43 Commodities
24:00 Options
28:25 Heat Map + Corporate News
36:50 Charts
50:25 Outlook

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  2. I'm a vendor for Walgreens in NYC. We had a project with the glass cases, now we service them for broken (glass) doors. The company is losing millions of dollars to.organized crime. People don't run out of stores anymore, they walk out. They closed a bunch of stores not only in high crime areas but elsewhere as well. Big problem. Big problem….

  3. "Inflation is caused by excess liquidity in the market. The Fed kept interest rates too low for too long and the Treasury printed money like crazy."

    Interesting… I wonder… the oligarchs pay these policymakers in bribes, to make policies that are good for shareholders, not the workers, not the customers, not the small business operators. Anyway, why would the oligarchs suddenly change their tune and actually contribute to society just because money is harder to get?

    A little inflation is a good thing, I'm told, but once your economic system, whatever it may be, produces a class of individuals with far more wealth than any other segment of society, more than the policymakers, then you have a recipe for hyperinflation. It always (always) leads to disaster.

    Then the question remains: why does bribery work? Why aren't policymakers more honorable? Why don't they refuse the money and do the right thing?

    I gotta say, the answer is a bit embarrassing. It basically follows from the scenario. Food isn't a right. Housing isn't a right. Healthcare isn't a right. Education isn't a right. Clean air and water isn't a right. Do you see the pattern?

    Policymakers gotta eat and they think that requires money but they also know they can be replaced by the oligarchs with someone even less honorable if they actually do their job! When the necessities of life are all commodities, governed by market forces, you're going to get one predictable crisis after another.

    And some of you jokers actually want to get MORE involved in this economic system. Some of you want to put more of your finite energy and resources into this Ponzi scheme we call capitalism. Pure lunacy driven by fear.

    Maximizing profit and thinking only about the next week, month, season, year, whatever is going to make a lot of people homeless and hungry… Like it does every year. I'm just reading the tea leaves for you. AND HERE WE GO!!!

  4. Hi Mav, can we get a special updated video to review where we are with oil prices and where they are possibly likely headed taking differing factors into account (e.g. China re-opening, SPR releases coming to an end, Russia oil sanctions, recession fears, etc), similar to what you did several months ago? Great video btw!

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