Tulsi Gabbard SLAMS Pelosis After Paul DUMPED Google Stocks Before DOJ Lawsuit

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss updates on Sen. Josh Hawley’s ‘Pelosi Act.’ #NancyPelosi #PelosiAct

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  1. HillaryCare in the '90s was allegedly a short and distort too. She never went after the health insurance industry but they did short and then invest at suppressed prices by promoting her federal healthcare plan that never was anything real. That was before the internet so you'd learn about things like that from dubious books conservatives sold cheap. Maybe it was a rumor that spread because it's so believable. Conservatives didn't use it to make the right point then but it looks like they finally are now only because Democrats became the defenders of political insider trading. Insider trading should be illegal when politicians do it too, but it's not because they write the law.

  2. Hey Baltimore didn't renew Lime's contract as of July 1 2022, and replaced it with Bird. The worst part is that Lime was the only company that had bicycles- and I don't scoot. So I bought a nice Trek bike in September. Bird now does have a few bikes in Baltimore 6 months later.

  3. Briahna, you're such a looker and whoever advised you about your hair is dead wrong; it's too old. Return to your sophisticated savvy young look. BTW just guffawing with you all at the fantastic PELOSI acronym; it's exactly appropriate for what she needs as an historical legacy of her evil corruption.

  4. Brie ends this on a high note about Santos – not accustomed to her RIsing segments being all that good – usually a lot of insincere apologism for (often) indefensible left-wing behavior, which makes her look silly.

    This is a welcome change. We need more heterodox liberals (case in point – Tulsi Gabbard in this feature), not another toe-taged hard-leftist.

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