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  1. I'm glad I never thought it was a flex to leave people unblocked. I get sucked into bullshit too easily so i block people constantly, if a bunch of them like a tweet by someone insulting me because that signals they're about to team up, or if they seem like they'll report me, or if they say lmao while arguing. I'm glad it physically harms them in some way.
    That whole thing about blocklists being normalized while making fun of Not Lefts for blocking them probably means they knew something about the workings.

    happy bday 🎂

  2. the anti misspelling rule seems to be a way to block linguistic memes. ans also the whole set of rules seems to be about controlling vitality. In order for any information to become mainstream ( to spread outside of your bubble) it has to be manually unthrottled. and you cannot use tactics like calling COVID the COOF to be able to talk about this subject. apparently, teaching Ai to diferentiate misspellings with neologism might be too expensive

  3. I understand why they've made every decision they've made. They try to limit the amount of undesirable people most people have to interact with on a daily basis. I just happen to disagree with their solution to the problem. They should have changed the functionality of twitter so that even sociopathic narcissists would get no reward from being on the platform. They should remove quote tweets and auto-untag original posters after 10 replies and beyond the first reply in a chain. Or have a time-out setting where you will only be auto-tagged for the first day after tweeting. They could remove so much of the negativity just by changing around the structure.

  4. I'm still looking for the variety of nudity that is perfectly legal in the USA per the supreme court and has already been tried, declared legal and drawing lines about the difference between legal nudity and illegal porn was made. If Twitter, a USA company allows US users to share that style of protected legal expression that is illegal in many countries, then I will go back to using it. But if it's going to censor like a Chinese company, then I'll just stick to TikTok.

  5. Having your performance affected by other people blocking your content is insane. I guess the idiots who came up with this think that people who piss lots of other people of are evil meanies, who must be supressed. It's so open to abuse and defeats the whole point of why you would block someone. Just because other people don't like what you have to say, doesn't mean you should be suppressed. Block should affect nothing for anyone, except the person doing the blocking. This explains one of the reasons why non-leftists are supressed so much harder, because we don't tend to block people as much on social media. I guess we can retaliate in kind, but that's so stupid and just creates more echo chambers. Why can't tweets just be boosted based entirely on how much engagement they get? Likes, replies, retweets and followers, should be all that matters. That way, the people who say things that receive the most positive feedback, or get the most conversations started, get promoted the most.

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