Twitter Files 7: FBI Pressure and Hunter’s Cover Up


Michael Shellenberger releases Twitter Files 7 which details the extensive FBI coverup of the Hunter Biden story prior to the story even being released. We discussed the unconstitutionality of prior restraints and remedies under 18 U.S. Code 241 in prosecuting those who conspire to trample our rights.

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  1. Robert have you looked into 9-11 larry silverstine collected on 3 buildings that he got from the New York Harbor group 2 years before , No plane hit building 7 a 47 story building .
    They were blaming the Muslims , these were steel frame building I believe the buildings were on the steel with a asbestos coating , No steel buildings have ever come down from a fire .

  2. What does the FBI have to do to get criminally charged and shutdown forever? Public hangings, maybe start an actual bullet war with American citizens?
    What about the bidens, clinton's, pelosis and the squad? Why are these people untouchable?
    I have a feeling that even if these people openly admitted their criminality they still wouldn't be charged or investigated.

  3. As an outsider from the UK, when was the last time a top USA government official was arrested, put through the courts and then sentenced to prison? All this has gone on for years, they all have the shit on one and other and I suspect this will go nowhere. Criminals all of them, most governments use their positions to gather wealth and screw the common man.

  4. Jim Baker in October of 2020 talking about the laptop being allegedly hacks and lies, only for the FBI to have previously taken into custody the laptop in December of 2019, thereby the FBI knew the laptop was credible evidence against Democrats, only damning to Democrats alone and not illicit nor illegal in any way. This should be mandatory inquiry that immediately begins, Joe Biden needs to be Impeached and the FBI investigated for taking a political side above keeping the public safe, the FBI likely needs to be abolished for being chalk-filled with Democrat operatives upholding the mono-party above all else, at the direct cost of societies wellbeing.

  5. All your evaluations on this are spot on! My take on it is that it’s funny that all the sudden the Hunter laptop is “leaked” and “proven” so that Old Joe can’t run successfully again for President. The left has thrown him under the bus so seal the deal. Also that we won’t focus on anything but this and not all the other thousands of horrible things they are doing right now. Hopefully something will happen to right this problem but it seems like nothing ever happens to them when they are breaking the law or constitution. I really like your program analysis always.

  6. The people in the government who did this and the individuals working privately who colluded with the government have broken the law and have made an immoral and shameful choice, they must be arrested and tried at this point, and this is the MOST important time to do this or they will get revenge on musk and trump and they will win and it will be VERY long time until we have another opportunity to stop this criminal behavior by the people who PROSECUTE us for the exact SAME criminal behavior!! this is entirely unacceptable, it has been brought to light for all of us to see, they continue to use their power to actively cover it up in spite of a very large proportion of the population seeing the truth for themselves!!! This very clearly indicates that they will stop at nothing, they will continue the criminal activity if they are not stopped and they will get revenge on the individuals who have bravely stood up for the truth and for justice in the name of the law.

  7. michael shellenberger is not one of the bad guys usually. He's opposed to the overreaction of the "greeeeeds" …. thinks we're ridiculous about fossil fuels…. BUT — may in 2019 he still had tds. But I'm pretty sure he was already going on TCT and making remarks rebutting the Bideen claims…(thus, perhaps rather trumpian by then..?)

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